Saturday, August 23, 2008

This one's for my Mom

I just wanna take you on a ride of a day in the life of Liz Sweet at EAC!

This morning I woke up at 5:30 AM, brushed my teeth and threw on some basketball ball clothes and walked up to the gym (10 min walk) by 6 AM for our morning practice. At 7:15 changed into different sweats, washed my face and went to breakfast. I ate eggs, lucky charms, and two hashbrown things! yum! Then I went to my 8 o'clock psychology 101 class, then my 9 o'clock world art class (the 2 classes are in the same room, so i don't even have to change seats!)
At 9:50 i went back to my dorm for gym shoes and my scriptures and headed to my Writings of Isaiah class at Institute till 10:50.
I then walked back up to the gym to lift weights, at 11:40 Breanne gave me and Sasha a ride to the cafeteria where we had lunch! (burrito & salad) . . we chilled and i then went back 2 my room to change and grabbed my basketball shoes to go to practice. . at the gym . . again! :)
I stopped by the trainers room to have them check out my ankle i rolled boating, cuz it's still a little swollen, but all it good! We practiced till 3 PM (it was a pretty good practice!) Then my friend Brea wanted to work out in the "wellness center" so i went with her and we did thighs and arm stuff till 3:40ish. . then i went back to my room and grabbed my laptop and emailed and stuff in the common area of my dorm till 5:30. . . smelling, i decided to jump in the shower before dinner and got ready for the night! My roommate and i went to dinner at like 6:20, and it closes at 6:30, so they were like putting all the food away, so we decided not to go late again! At 7 we were back in the dorm & i changed into cute clothes and walked up to the practice field (which is BEHIND the gym) for the institute opening social, we ate more and just chilled. There was a big water fight, but we didn't wanna get wet. . so at like 9:15 pm we went to their apartment and hung out till it was time to go to this house up the street and go salsa dancing. . but it was more like a dance party with a billion people, crowded into a tiny house, sweating and smelling! lol, it was pretty fun, when i was outside mingling instead of dancing. . .but at 11:40 pm the cops came, cuz the neighbors complained so we just left and went back to their apartment and i watched them make cookies and then came home to my dorm and i'm pretty tired and i have a stupid zit on my top lip, but i thought i must blog this before i hit the hay, so i did and there's a bunch of black kids playing cards in front of me and some people on the coaches eating and cooking noodles in the microwave and i'm gonna go now! love ya peace out!


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Sweet said...

well I am glad you have finally made a friend.. you have had us all worried!

shalleenie said...

You're awesome liz honey! I love you.