Thursday, October 8, 2009


i dunno. . . i kinda liked this picture haha! warped but i cant help it. im an art student what can i say.

at least i found a use for my hideous towel.

so much effin glass EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PrAnks & FUn!

You look at this and you think, "YES!" lol we went to a dance party @ some cute mexican mormon's house, but we couldn't go dressed normal! lol So i pulled out the old school hunter shorts and we danced our behinds off! lol it was a TON of fun. I didn't care what anyone thought of how i danced and i just Felt the Music!!
Breanne thinks its really funny to grab my camera while i'm in the lou and take pics. It's frustrating.
Moose gave us a fake eviction note, so we leaned a bottle of water against her door and when she opened it it left a small water spill. She did it back to us and left a HUGe wet spot. lol
But we decided to switch the pranks to others, instead of each other. This is me, michelle, aleisha and moose (ball team). We started pulling pranks on some football boys, this was our latest. They literally ran away from us, the big black football boys. it was SO FUNNY!!! We got girls and boys in our dorms, basketball and baseball boys and people around campus. But our secrets out now, they know it was us.
We took team pics today. The backdrop was left open, so i had breanne take a couple. lol
Some of my teammates. Our team picture for our poster is gonna be pretty cool! I'm stoked! We got out of running 19 and 19 suicides today! Thank goodness! Our next game is in a week and a half. Were looking So GOod this year! It's exciting! :) Loveyou all!!!