Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy halloween!!!!

This stinkin blog was being stinkin retarded tonight, and i almost gave up, but i really wanted to show you guys these pictures (wink)! So i pushed through and made it work! did anyone else have that music thing on where we creat a new post? i had to delete all that stuff before i could put anything on it!? wuz up with that?
Anywho these are pics from Saturday night's football game . . um i feel like i haven't posted in awhile, but it's all good, cuz 've LOVED seeing your guys' stuff! :) it makes me super happy and feel closer to ya'll (that roomies southern accent is rubbing off on me!) . . happy halloween! my mom sent me the cow costume! i'll be fully covered (except my udders) while all the other ladies around here will be a little. . ris-kay! (sp?)

This is Rae Rae, Breanne, Chelsea (aka, Beauty School) and me! We worked the first half of the concessions for the football game and our coach paid us $20 each! Saweet! and i sat and ate a sandwhich for like the first 19 minutes! hee hee! . . oh and i was repping our school colors: purple and yellow. . now if i could only try on the gila monster mascot suit.
Same group of girls again. . i got breanne back for my room disaster. :) i hid half of her closet of clothes, turned a bunch of her stuff upside down (thanks carrie) including pictures, and put sticky notes of comments everywhere! haha, she was angry-happy! . . her and brown chelsea took off my mattress again two nights ago . . when i threatend to give them the silent treatment, they wrote a contract that said they would put my room back together if i wouldn't seek revenge and would talk to them. Cute.

Rae and me, then Breanne, chels, sasha, and beauty school. . this is half of the team, we had to stand on the track at half time, cuz they were honoring the fall sports. . i told them we should do a cheer that i got from hunter and EAC-a-fied. . they all said no way. . but then said they would and started practicing it with me, but were gonna leave me hanging as soon as i said, "gimme a G!". . we didn't have time to do it tho. .

This is Bubba. . note, he just finished playing. He's the twins (buddha and tikki's) older brother, he went to Cottonwood. . . and we won, like 47 to 12 vs Scottsdale. . i can't wait for next week, we play Snow College here. I was so stoked to see Muka, but he told me today he isn't traveling with the team cuz he hyper-extended his knee at their last game. BUMMER! ugh. . but vini said mahenri, his cousin plays for them, so i'll get to see him. Snow is #2 in the nation. . lol, i told some football boys i was rooting for snow, my roomie freaked out, but i gotta hold true to my roots. love you all!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Me too!

I came online to show you guys my pictures and i saw Shalleen did the same thing! Haha! Awesome people think alike i guess! (How does that saying go?)

We have to do a drawing for halloween so i did this! You all know how much i just adore popping balloons. False! I wanted to put a little kids hand on the staple gun cuz that is truly scary, but then i remembered how bad i suck at hands.

Liz this is that chair you told me to send a picture to you of haha! There was like a torso with a shirt on under it with no head. Don't ask.

Our teacher is very creative with his set ups. Obviously.

These are all chalk and this one was my first chalk drawling! (sooo much easier than freakin pencils)

So, this was my trip down south, over fall break! My roommate has a huge family! As you can see in the picture! And this isn't all of them... these are just the younger ones... we all made cookies! It was way fun!

We also went four wheeling while we were down there! It was sooooooo stinkin fun! I had a blast! Especially riding with the crazy (but safe) drivers! Definately should go together sometime!

Highlight of the trip... I got to milk a cow! This is Belle.. and my roommate Maha...(just so you guys know... her real name is Martha... but everyone just calls her Maha!)

Man... I got skills! It was really cool milking a cow. You all should try it one day! It was on my sister's bucket list... but I was really glad to have gotten to milk a cow at least once in my life!
Peace out dudes!

Hola my friends!

So I know you've probably all been missing my art. So I'm updating my absolutely wonderful and talented pictures! Lol. Enjoy! Love ya mean it.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


I would like to welcome my newest family members! While in Idaho saturday for my cousins wedding my madre bought me the flats and the old school pink ones for only $5 each!! Can it get any better you ask? Well, yes. yes it can. That same day me and Jess went to Kohl's and i got two, yes i said two, dresses for only $7! The shopping god's were looking after me that day and for that i am grateful :) ps- somebody has got to add some jack j to the playlist. *coughDorycough*! Although i am loving the goofy movie song on there, we rock the classics.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ok so I promised these forever ago, and here they finally are..


This was my nervous face before we went on the ride!!! Yikes!! But I went and it was a blast!!!!
This is the casino the stratosphere where went on that ride. At the very top is where the rocket is 1,000ft above the strip!!!!

Sin City

Yup this is Amber, Savvi, and Me in Sin City!!! Whoo hoo!!!

So k you know how we went on a shopping spree? Well this one of the stops, it's called the Buffalo exchange and I was diggin this jacket!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

my little friend!!

ok so I had another bug in my room today! Sick huh? They just really like me for some reason. i guess! But i caught this one all by myself so you guys should be really proud! lol. But when I had it in the cup and I went to dump it outside I turned the cup upside down so that the bug could fall out of it and then the wind caught it instead so it flew back at me and almost hit my face! it was great. I wish you guys could've seen it! Lol. lots of love.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yay Me, I'm here!

He's finally here!! Malakai Marion Probert 7 lbs. 15 oz. He is adorable and LOVES to eat all the time!
So I had to add these random pics just for good times sake, and to catch up! This one of Liz and the massive ice cream is the best ha ha.

This is Lundyn me and Melinda, my lovely roomates!

Here's a more appropriate picture of McKay conference morning! haha

Ok so here I finally am! I' have figured out the mysterious blog! McKay thought he was funny and added that previous post of himself.. loser! So this is Dan and me right before the Homecoming dance and my cute new dress from Sears!

my brother inlaw


Friday, October 17, 2008


I Just threw this one in here cuz . . . Lol!! how can you not enjoy it? I mean seriously lol!!

Dory's SAWEET comb over. Love that look on you Dory, super hott!



I was just remembering when we got to go boating :( Good Ole days! Me mars and shalleen rode behind the boat on these huge logs haha! Remember that guys??
She's glowing! Like an angel. . . sorta haha jk Jenny!

I still feel bad about this haha! Poor Liz high fived my rock hard skull with her eye ball.
This Picture is so freakin cute!!

Ya! Cousins ridin. Doesn't get any better people.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So... What do you think?

So these two pictures are here to show you my hair before yesterday...........

And this is me after getting 7 or 8 inches cut off! I'm insane I know! I think I like it.... but I don't know whether I like it better than my long hair or not.... You guys should let me know what you think! Please be honest! So... Long or Short.... that is the question!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Scaring Pics!!!

So most schools have an October break or UEA, ya know. Well mine was on friday. Yep one flipping day and we got it off because it was the Mt. Graham County Fair, it's called "fair day" on the calenday. . . so what do you do on a Thursday night when there is no school friday and you have 8 am practice? You go to the fair! yay! . . lol, it was okay, it was kinda weird being around different people then college kids, and then keep running into those college kids at a fair. It was okay, it had some rides and tables selling stuff. We bought sunglasses for $5 a pair! like em Mel? :) They're Aviator! This is me looking good, (with a retarded smile) and McKenzie, she is a sophomore on the baseketball team, she's cool.
Me, Mckenzie, Dana (new mutual friend), and roomie Steph. Dana has been married for 5 months and Kenz is getting married over Christmas break. . weird! i met Dana this week, she already knows the others, she's really nice and real. . .
This was at our scrimmage on Saturday in Mesa. Me, Paulina, Steph, and Courtney they all are sophomores. . We are wearing our practice jerseys (christmas again) that we got the day before, all the teams wore practice jerseys, cuz it's a scrimmage . .
Chelsea Ann and BreAnne . . and my foot. We were stretching before one of our games. . these two little twurps are flipping retarded! lol, Sunday i came to my dorm and BreAnne jumped on my bed and started wrapping herself in my blankets and i started freaking out! And i was like, i'm going to a fireside at the church, put my blankets back on my bed. . . well they followed me out to the commons, (Breanne yells to chelsea, "hurry let's go with her to the bonfire!") and sat on the coaches in my blanket. . I was yelling at them at the top of my lungs "Get my Sheets off those dirty coaches and put them back on my bed! " . . and then i chased BreAnne back into my dorm hallway and i saw her body fling back like her shoulder or foot hit the wall, haha, well it was actually her head! She hit the corner of the wall with her head and got a huge goose egg! ahah, so i told breanne to have my bed put back together when i got back in an hour . . and she did. She put my sheets and blankets back on my mattress, but she moved my mattress into the HALLWAY!!!! . . lol, there such dorks! i was yelling like i was mad, but laughing too, it was so funny.
And Breanne (this is how i found her when i turned the corner) thought it would be cute if she would sit in bed watching Johnny Lingo that i wanted them all to watch on our way to Mesa. .
She aslo used medical tape and pre-wrap to "decorate" my side of the room and my bed frame.
. . . .yep . . . .
I sat down on my bed and was talking on the phone and people just kept walking by looking at me . . haha, there like what happened?
Oh and then today BreAnne took my keys while i was eating lunch and pulled all my clothes out of my closet and hung them on the bed . . She had re-arranged my color coordinated closet the day before. . lol, i told her pay back is gonna suck! . . Breanne lives in the towers another dorm thing on campus . . lol, it was pretty funny. . it all started because i came into my room and breanne jumped out from behind my closet and scared me! So i naturally screamed and punched her. . lol, then i realized it was just breanne and i punched her again. hahah, and then she jumped on my bed, cuz she was mad i hit her. . . but you don't just scare people like that! haha, love you all!