Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ok so its been a while! Sorry everyone! I have been insanely busy... I'll have to e-mail the jucy details later. But for now, enjoy the pics! That huge grasshopper was in my room and I was flippin out like mad! That's me on my bed while my roommate Kailey caught the grasshopper for me cause I was screaming and was way too scared to do anything! I know, I know... I'm a baby! Lol. And then I have some more art pics. the one is a cup with eggs in it, and the other is just a little wuffle (sp?) ball with a ribbon through it while it is sitting on top of a box. I know they're pointless but I they still look freakin' amazing! I love you guys! Smile!


kelsie said...

That's hilarious that you had a grasshopper in your room! It would of scared the crap out of me too! But its better than spiders! Your drawings are amazing as usual!

Mel said...

Gross!!! Ugly little devils

Lizzie Fizzie said...

haha, i love seeing your pictures you draw! that's funny you made ur roommate kill it, those grasshoppers are pretty freaky! . . the other day i was walking back from the library in the dark and i saw a big frog right in front of me on the side walk, i thought it was gonna jump on me! . . turns out it was only a leaf.