Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doo da doo. .

Check out my new stunnas! pretty sick eh? So guess what! Im applying to be one of those people that teaches little kids how to kick it on a snowboard!! Yay! The ultimate job for me dont ya think? I got an interview at the Canyons tomorrow but i really wanna ride at brighton so hopefully i get an interview there too. Cross your fingers for me! This job would be epic so i am like prayin i get it haha! Hopefully i like it as much as Kels likes her job ;) If you know what i mean. . . (Kels, you lil player you haha! jk) Anyways, love ya guys! Peace out


kelsie said...


Carrie said...

That makes me laugh because just YESTERDAY Sam and I were talking about how Carson needs to learn to snowboard. We keep promising him an ipod if he learns to wakeboard or snowboard. Maybe you could be his teacher!!?? SA-WEET!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

haha, kels don't whatev it, she nailed you! . .love the stunnas honnies! . . yeah, i'll pray for the job too! but that's a lot of traveling distance. . lol, who cares, that's a sick job!