Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coolio Schoolio

So remember how i hate balloons? Well for my 3d class we had to pick something we own and make it abstract out of wood. So i decided since i own the fear of balloons i would make a balloon! its supposed to be kinda freaky. I had syd pop some balloons (Thanks Love!) and i put them on my shattered balloon. balloon balloon balloon, i feel like i said balloon alot in the last paragraph. weird.

Anywhoo. Thats my project! I feel like a little kid coming home to show my mommy a picture i colored lol! 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pink is for. .

Apparently they have a big thing for breast cancer awareness in college basketball . . yesterday for our game we warmed up in our new "Monsters Fight Cancer" shirts and will do so for our last few games. Shalleen this game was dedicated to your mom.
Me looking a little wide eyed before i went to the dance that i danced with my man at. .

My mom sent me this sign, so this is proof that i did put it on our door the day she sent it! lol

This is Steph, Chelsea-Ann, and donald.. . we fit all four of us, plus our laundry into a small yellow bug and did our laundry at the laundry mat. . it was efficient and nice. . it smelled kinda weird tho. . lol, love ya'll!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love, Cadeo.

this is what Cade sent me this week. Im guessing its for Valentines Day, what a sweetheart! haha!

Yep. That's a dead frog. How romantic.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family Pics!

The saturday before Jamie left on her mission, we went to Wheeler Farm and had our family pitures taken! I think they turned out pretty good!
I have no idea where I got my blonde hair... but it makes me stand out like no other!

We are so beautiful! :)

Valentine's Day Decorating!

B10 just wouldn't be the same without decorations for every holiday... so a sunday or two ago, me and my roommates decided to decorate for Valentine's Day!
This is Jemay, one of my new roommates this semester! She is freakin amazing at cutting out hearts! We have at least 200 hearts on our walls and ceiling!

This is my other roommate Trisha, also new this semester! She isn't so good at cutting out hearts.... but man, she can roll tape like its nobody's business! :0)

So, what do you think!?

So I really was planning to grow out my hair again... but then it hit the 'awkward' stage where I hate it down... So I got sick of it and had Karli Sheppick chop it off! it is super short! You only see the front... which is the longest! The back is even shorter than the front!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey lovelies!!

Alrighty so it seems not everyone got an invitation (wedding). But I asked for ya'lls addresses and didn't get hardly any except when I asked Mel to get them all. Thanks Melvinater, you rock!! So for those that didn't get an invite, I'll post all the information soon as soot! And I'll put up some engagement pics too! I want all of you there to share my special day with me. Lizzie...I don't think I sent you a bridal shower invite cuz you said you couldn't come to the wedding. Which is understandable. But that's why. It's not that I don't love you lol Jenny baby! I'm so freakin excited for you!!! Two blushing brides in the same year! :) I can't wait to see you and talk to you about it! :) :) Anyways, wedding planning is pretty hectic. But we're in the home stretch. Saturday I'll be Shelby Morrison! aaah! Anyhoo, I'll post wedding info asap. I love you!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Already February!!!

This is Breanne and Chels, we decided we haven't taken any pictures in awhile! This is on the bus on our way to get whipped by Central, the #1 team in our conference.

We took one of those big grey-hound buses, because softball & baseball had the Eastern buses, so since the boys & girls play the same night at the same time we had to ride together. I sat in a seat that didn't have a shade screen and the ac was broken! It was a long, hot ride! This is my make-shift shade.
This is mine and steph's extra bedroom. :) I talked the RA into letting us have it for our extra stuff, cuz we still wanted to share a room together and sleep together.
It's super great, cuz i keep all my jackets and church clothes, scrapbooking, luggage, soap, laundry in here!
This is a picture of our community bathroom. There's like 6 stalls, and i have a favorite that i always use, and i hate when others use it and get it dirty, but that's inevitable. So the other day i got the brilliant idea of putting up this sign. haha! Now people won't use my stall! haha! Genius!
Yesterday we didn't have practice for the first time since. . august? . . cuz half the team was in phoenix getting treated for injuries! So i was looking cute ALL day! . . i can't believe it's already February! I'm happy with school and friends and being who i am! But i can't wait to come home! i love you all!