Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coolio Schoolio

So remember how i hate balloons? Well for my 3d class we had to pick something we own and make it abstract out of wood. So i decided since i own the fear of balloons i would make a balloon! its supposed to be kinda freaky. I had syd pop some balloons (Thanks Love!) and i put them on my shattered balloon. balloon balloon balloon, i feel like i said balloon alot in the last paragraph. weird.

Anywhoo. Thats my project! I feel like a little kid coming home to show my mommy a picture i colored lol! 


Lizzie Fizzie said...

What's that one song about coming home with a bumble bee to show mommy? . . lol, that's wicked cool mel! Ur really good at this stuff!

freakin' sweet sam said...

Own the fear of balloons? ...ha ha, talk about abstract. I wonder if your teacher saw that coming. What did the other kids make?