Friday, February 6, 2009

Already February!!!

This is Breanne and Chels, we decided we haven't taken any pictures in awhile! This is on the bus on our way to get whipped by Central, the #1 team in our conference.

We took one of those big grey-hound buses, because softball & baseball had the Eastern buses, so since the boys & girls play the same night at the same time we had to ride together. I sat in a seat that didn't have a shade screen and the ac was broken! It was a long, hot ride! This is my make-shift shade.
This is mine and steph's extra bedroom. :) I talked the RA into letting us have it for our extra stuff, cuz we still wanted to share a room together and sleep together.
It's super great, cuz i keep all my jackets and church clothes, scrapbooking, luggage, soap, laundry in here!
This is a picture of our community bathroom. There's like 6 stalls, and i have a favorite that i always use, and i hate when others use it and get it dirty, but that's inevitable. So the other day i got the brilliant idea of putting up this sign. haha! Now people won't use my stall! haha! Genius!
Yesterday we didn't have practice for the first time since. . august? . . cuz half the team was in phoenix getting treated for injuries! So i was looking cute ALL day! . . i can't believe it's already February! I'm happy with school and friends and being who i am! But i can't wait to come home! i love you all!


fern said...

that is awesome you talked them into an extra room! you look great as usual- keep it real!!

B/T Frank said...


B/T Frank said...

Oh wait... I'm more then a one word person unlike someone I know...(Sweet). So is that the bus ride to the game that you made a fool out of yourself?! And have you stopped talking to yourself yet or are we still doing that one? Also you can see eher the girl messed up on you haircut in the front, oh wait that's just your head! lol Love ya!

Mel said...

Hopefully no one knows your handwritting! You are so blessed to get another room!!

B/T Frank said...

I want to know why on earth you think you are going to be living with me? You do know that Ben would have water thrown on you even chance he could right?! Also as for MY BED and MY PICTURE... they were MINE to begin with, you just never got anything of your own from mom and dad, so those things should go to Emery. As for the shelf, were storing it for you until you need it! Oh yeah and why do you think that you wouldn't have your own room?... There's a whole basement full of rooms now, in the house we are in. We would just have to kick the renters out. So CHILL drama queen and rmemeber it's not always about LIZ! lol How did your game go? Did you tuck and roll this time!