Friday, February 5, 2010

February has come!

Oh the month of love. Red and pink, valentines, secret admirers and love notes. . . good thing i don't have to deal with any of that! Instead i get to enjoy the season of candy hearts and cheap chocolates! Wahoo! lol I can't believe it's already February!!! WAHOO! Spring break will be here in no time! Along with that blessed day that i was born almost TWENTY years ago! (mom you better send the package now, so i'll get it by the time the day rolls around!)
School is going. We have a love/hate relationship. My plan is do as little homework as possible, play as much as possible. lol
Did i ever tell you about the SAWEET leaopard print spandex pants breanne and i found at pac sun? They were only $5!! We wore them out of the store! and then bowling with some baseball, football, softball kids.
Ok mom, don't freak out. I do NOT heart beer. But i do own a t-shirt from walmart that was $3!!!! lol Our good buddies Corey (left) and Matt (right) bought these matching shirts when we were with them. They were so Stoked! . . so b and i went back to walmart and bought some to match them!! lol Then we surprised them when we took off our jackets! haha so funny! Especially since neither of us drinks!
SO cute!!
Did i tell you we finally WON A GAME!?!?!?! Yep, that's the beautiful score!!! It was a GREAT night! I'm number 34.
The other thing in my life has been trying to find a school for next year. I'm looking at Dixie, Weber, BYU or BYUI just to go to school. But i really want to continue playing ball if i can. Southern Virginia is interested and a school in Denver called my coach. . . but it's all up in the air! lol oh the joys of being a transfer student!