Monday, December 29, 2008

Tieing the Knot!

Well as most of you found out at our rockin' Sweater Christmas party, I'm engaged! Yep believe it or not, I'm getting married. lol The wedding is on February 21st. I'd like anyone that wants to be there to come! So please send addresses and current phone numbers to me asap through my lilmisslondon@yahoo email. I'm also having a bridal shower in January (I think) if anyone is interested as well. Just tell me which you want to go to, or both, and your address and #. Its comin' up quick! I love you! TTYL!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey guys!!! Happy Snow! Im sooo glad it finally snowed :D Me and Aaron were making this snow fort (not finished yet) and Syd had nothin to do so we gave her this little cooler and told her to make a bunch of little blocks, just to keep her busy haha! so after we put them in a smiley face! Happy snow!

This is the unfinished fort made by packing snow into a big cooler

It was sooo hot!! (I mean the temperature. . . and us) haha! jk.

This is the snowmen me and Syd made, he got runned over. 

And this is the one Nick and Aaron made on the Burrup's lawn lol! Its a Poodle! But it melted before Dorothy got to see it and blame it on me and Aaron.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flowers for Me!

These are my flowers that I got from three random boys from Macey's! They went through my checkstand... and they bought the flowers, then as they were leaving, they said, these are for you! It was funny! But it did make my night!

U-ing Karl's Apt!

This kid that lives across the hall is the biggest BYU fan I have ever met in my life! He always gets season tickets and watches all the away games... big big fan... So me and Maha decided to redecorate his apt with red and U of U decorations! Good times!

This tree originally had blue lights and blue ornaments... we covered all the ornaments with red paper and took off the blue lights and put on red! Plus added U's to the tree! I am soooo excited for him to come home! we also used red window paint and covered all his windows and mirrors with U logos and signs! Good times! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Front and Center, just the way I like it! Lol.

Ahhhh, aren't we all just adorable! This was at our trip to temple square. There's heather, shacora, cortney, and then of course... ME! lol.

Unforgettable Bonding Moments!

Our poor poor kitchen! There was water everywhere after Cortney had a "blonde" moment and put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher! Lol. Haha, I believe she tried to convince me that it was "an honest mistake" but I wasn't falling for that. She always does dumb stuff like this... but I love it! It sure keeps life interesting.
This is Cortney cleaning up her mess after she flooded our kitchen! Lol. She sure had fun with that! But our dishwasher is still broken! ;(

Our beautiful masterpiece!!!

Of course this is after our gingerbread house and we had to make a little mess because it wouldn't be near as cool if we didn't! Its santa clause and Rudolph!!

This is a video clip of us making our gingerbread house that Kailey bought for us! It was a blast and of course, it really does look amazing I know... But I love you guys so much and can't wait to see you to have our own unforgettable bonding moments!
love ya mean it
-leen! (that's my nickname now, everyone calls me it and it's kinda starting to grow on me actually. Lol.)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is it Christmas YET?

So, it's december 6th, and i was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sunglasses the other day. . kinda miss the snow, but i can't complain too much!. . Last week i decided i wanted to put up some decorations, but there isn't room in my small bedroom, so i used my student gov't decorating skills combined with my mom's preschool crafts, and made my friends "assist" me in making some! lol

lol, the mistle toe above our door is one of my favorites!

As well as our massive tree! . . the gifts are from santa! . i also added some snowy mountains, a snow man, and shadow figures of breanne! haha! and i am just living to next sunday, when i get to come HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in MESA!!!

Mel, meranda, and shalleen all came to mesa to spend thanksgiving with me! They closed the dorms for the weekend, so i went to my dad's cousin's house in Mesa. . Friday night we went to see the Mesa Temple lights turn on, but when we got there, they were already on. . but we still enjoyed the visitors center that had nativities from all over the world.
Shalleen and her beauty food shot at Chili's!
This is the bacon-burger, aka, baconator that Mel completely Dominated! hahahah, we had lots of limes with our dinner, cuz of mel, our waitress made her a lime riki, but she needed more limes!. . nice eyes mercodb
Beauty shot! lovin mel's shades, lol, she brought 4 pair, so everyone would have one!
Mesa Temple, the lights were nice, but not as impressive as SL, altho they did wrap the palm tree trunks with lights, all the way up and that looks really cool! i haven't had the opportunity to do baptisms here yet, but hopefully next time i come up i can plan for it!
lol, i told them to turn around and they were busting up about something. .
In front of the Temple
So we went swimming just about everyday at the ingrams neighborhood pool! it was so lovely, because i LOVE Swimming! meranda and shalleen even got sunburned on saturday! haha, one of my favorites, action shots as we jump into the pool! Lookin good!. . don't worry we know that dresses are too short, there were just no leggings around, we went shopping the evening of black friday and got some sweet deals!
If they had these in my size, i woulda got them! why mel didn't, i do not understand!
Meranda taught me how to put my back against the wall with our kneesup, underwater!
Yeah! meranda looks so funny!
So we made a hot tub in the house after we got kicked out of the hot tubs cuz of the lightning, and so we played in the rain, jumped in Aaron's freezing cold pool and then all had a bathtub chat! haha, we got water all over the floor!

And this is us playing in the rain, wednesday night when they got here to AZ! thanks for coming girls and making it so fun! And for the Ingrams for letting us crash at their house! And Belva and Bob for entertaining us! haha, and Wendy's for making chocolate and vanilla frosty's! love ya!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holy War!

I love my Utes, but this guy goes beyond love. This guy is the definition of devotion. 

We rushed the field a little too early because we were soo excited! haha! Taryn was trying to jump the fence and some cop pushed her down because the game wasn't even over yet! 

12 and 0. All the way to BCS!!!!

So so happy :)

Look at all that beautiful red! there was a little bit of blue in the corner you can't see but most of them left after the third quarter so they wouldnt get eaten alive, plus they had no chance at all. We doubled their score! Oh yes!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lots and Lots of Pics!!!

lol, so i thought i was putting these pics oldest to newest, but i did it backwards! . .lol, oh well!!! this was yesterday with ANNESSA!! yay!! we had a very fun visit! She left this morning and got here wednesday!!
Beauty school used my as a model for a school assignment, she put low and high lights in my hair and did my makeup! ;) course i'm always looking FLY!

I pulled out my Khung Fu Panda masks on Steph's birthday which was tuesday! we knocked on the boys basketball teams windows with them. . and then we got freaked when we saw B following us and he brought his paint ball gun with him!

This was our texas trip, after our second game in the locker room, we were going to get on the bus and drive 11 hrs back to thatcher. . lol, i wore those shorts the whole time, even when we stopped to eat in the food court at a mall in el paso. My coach vicki was freaking about the shorts, she couldn't even look at me!

This waffle maker was part of the continental breakfast at our hotel, it's texas, if you can't tell, that's where we were last weekend! SA-WEET! hahah
me and my 3 roomies for the weekend! Chels, beauty school, breanne and me!
Same girls as above in our sweet eastern shirts! . . i just love my last name!
Me chilling on the bed in the hotel, waiting to go to the mall before r game. . .
Me and steph, her hair is finally back to blonde after she died it black! lol, this is our "sisters" pic!
This was our first game against Tucson Sol, chels, breanne and me. . that retarded look breanne is doing is a secret sign for me when i say something they think is retarded. .lol, it occurs a lot, but i'm usually right!!! :) love you all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

San Diego!!

We stopped in this ghost town and this guy was sooo ugly! Haha! We had to get a picture

Go UTES!!!!
Ahh i miss Cali already!!