Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's a phOtOshOot!!!

SO our campus at EA is actually really pretty and i wanna remember it. (plus 4 scrapbooking measures) This is our clock tower. the stupid thing is fast, which always makes me think i'm late, then i remember its fast, so i'm still usually late. haha tuesday i was 15 minutes late to international business, but that's cuz the caf was serving these DELICIOUS waffles with strawberries and whipped cream! YUM!

lol, obviously.
The new nursing building is on the right, they just took down the fence and are working on the inside. the student services is on the right. and the beautiful blue sky!
Palm trees make me happy. :) this is at south campus where the pool and gym and my business classes are.
Doesn't this make you wanna go to school in arizona??? i've adapted so much to heat, it's weird!!! I've been waiting for it to get in the 80's forever. today at 5pm it was 89, which meant it was over 90 all day. . and i thought it was only 70's. i love the heat. there i said it. wow. This is our outdoor pool i've been hitting up everyday around noonish to swim laps. today i swam over a 1/2 mile.
In my swim suit. i'm a cutie!
So today we had a photoshoot for all the recruiting and pamphlets the school sends out to recruit students to come here. lol breanne and i went all out. i got these sweet purple tights for us at wet seal a few weeks ago. 50 cents each! lol it was fun! We also did an "academic" pose later, we had to change out of our "mardi gras" clothes, as the camera guy said. This is us and Big Rig.
As beyonce says, Pose for the camera now, Flick, Flick!
Are my yellow shoes not SICK?!?!? haha. i JUST wore them for the first time yesterday. they're freaking awesome! lol

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ruby Red Heels

So saturday we went to Phoenix to play in the sophomore all star game! All the sophomore's in our conference go to play and are split up into teams to play each other! I played against my two teammates. It was a lot of fun! . . Afterwards coach took me and sasha to the mall! I love the mall! haha i haven't been shopping shopping in a mall for like. . EVER! . . so i bought 3 pairs of new shoes! i have this weird feddish with heels now! I got 2 pairs for $3 each!! Woot woot! and some comfortable dressy flats!
SO today at stake conference i was looking FLYYYY in my new shoes and sweatery purple thing! And new necklace and adorable bracelets!
THe GILA VALLEY TEMPLE open house is this coming friday, April 23rd! I get to be an usher for a few nights AND serve cookies! I'm actually stoked to be part of it!
This is Mt. Graham. It's this one little mountain. People here think they have "mountains," but apparently they've never been to salt lake! . . altho my coach was telling me that Mt. Graham is the single tallest mountain that is not IN a mountain range, but stands alone, in the whole world. Hmm. Crazy. 4 weeks of school left! = excited Liz and nervous, don'tknowwhattodoaboutthe future Liz.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


It's CR@ZY how attractive i look, isn't it???? Haha, even when i make stupid faces!!! . . btw, my favorite color ALL week long has been orange. Ever since i borrowed Moose's orange nail polish and painted my nails orange. Idk what's up, if i'm turning more into CinCin everyday. . but I wore orange like all week!!!! . . and it's been a long hard week. I have a BIG case of Spring Fever and i have yet to do anything productive. I'm supposed to be writing a manuscript right now for my speech on "Why mother's should stay home." . . it's coming . . not at all. HA! SPEAKING of Moose! She's my next door neighbor. Lol sweet girl, everyone feels like their moose's best friend, she's got a gift to make people talk, and she's funny as heck! . . Well the other day, April 1st actually, Moose saw our head coach, Dan Dersam dressed in a warm up suit and realized her dad had picked up an identical jacket to coach's at the thrift store a few weeks ago and given it to moose. The most mature thing to do in this case is dress up EXACTLY like our cooach. Naturally. So that's what Moose did. lol from the white hat, to the glasses to the black shoes. It was SOOO funny!
Announcement!!! The old geiser is "RETIRING!" . . which is legit, since he's had how many losses in his coaching career?!?! Let alone just in the pass 2 seasons!!! Lol, don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful guy, took Great care of us all . . but EAC women's basketball is in dire need of a new, commited, smart coaching staff.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Memories. What do you think of when you hear the word memories? . . . Some people are really book smart. Some people are street smart. Some people have amazing memories. Some people have the ability to retain a ton of non important information. . . I have a little bit of each, but I'm no expert or gifted student. But there is one thing unique about me. I have a passion for memories. I think this is why i love scrapbooking so much. The creativity and color and tools are neat, but my scrapbooks are simple. I leave lots of space to journal and like just now i spent 20 minutes looking at the scrapbook pages i've done this last semester of The Possey. I reread everything i wrote and smiled at my own tactic and humor.
Some would say, including myself, that i have too much time on my hands, that i don't use my time wisely, but this fascination in remembering events has to be for some reason. Sometimes when i write in my journal (yes, i have a journal i write in) I get caught up in reading experiences i've had and remembering the feelings, the people, the life i've lived.
I'm learning how important our decisions we make in life are. The everyday choices and the largely important ones. I remember sad times in our life, like when we lost someone we loved dearly. Take Shalleen for instance. She is this beautiful, strong, amazing young woman who has turned out twice as good as i could of even hoped myself to turn out, if i had faced her same trials. Or i think of mistakes I've made and am disappointed in myself, but then i RemEmBer that although the mistakes were stupid, i learned from them and I am a better person today. As i remember I am reminded of my Savior's love, He who is so merciful and perfect, I am in awe.
My memories remind me that I am not alone in this world. I would not be the person i am without the people who have influenced and touched my life. Women, teachers, leaders, family, friends.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did you Just wake UP?

Last night i went to bed at 1 am, the two nights before i went to bed at 2 am, the only problem with this is that i have to get up every morning by at LEAST 7:50 am to make it to my 8 am morning classes. Well today i was definitely finding a hard time to roll onto my stomach and slide off my top bunk to the bottom mattress and slip onto the floor. . but I FINALLY managed. I kept on the shorts i slept in and threw on a sports bra and white t-shirt. After my first class i have an hour break, which i WAS going to go running during, cuz that's what us athletes do (plus i'm getting fat) . . but my eyes were SO tired, we agreed to nap before public speaking at 10!!! Well Breanne knocked on my door to go to class and immediately started her durogatory commentary on my outfit.

I understand that i don't ALWAYS believe in matching my clothes. I don't always want to look impressive or adorable. . because A. I looke that way in sweats w/o trying. and B. i don't care what people thinK!!!! . . but APpaRentLY my half yellow half pink Volcom striped board shorts, with my still white basketball shirt and my white and silver champion flip flops were just too much. . So we walk into the building where public speaking is and breanne points out her dismay at my outfit to some of our teammates, softball girls and hawaiins. lol . . they seemed confused, but not as haterade-ish as breanne. .
So after class i have to go meet with my counselor to see if SVU is accredited school. . lol i wait for like 15 minutes, (course i got there 10 minutes early) so this hawaiin lady named Gina walks out and calls my name. I stand up and look at her and she goes, "did you just wake up?" . . lol ah geez, EVERYBODY has got jokes today! lol . . i go "Nope, i been up since 8!". . . she's quick to recover you barely see her face flinch and she recovers with same lame comment about, "oh, that's so great you have that look of being well rested." . . Ha, yeah thanks lady!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Small towns with Channing!

Lol, so the last post that was on our blessed possey blog was the one i put up in February. . . idk where March went. I'm sure our avid fans are disatisfied with the lack of knowledge about our crazy lives, specifically mine, since i'm the only one that gets on here.. . but can i blame everyone else? Nope! They're not the ones that live in Thatch-Nasty with very little responsibility, homework, social highlights or will to do their homework at midnight. Ha! I don't have any sweet pics to put up either of what i've been up to, except for my awesome time in the blessed valley of zion i had a few weeks back! . . I'm learning that there truly is No Place like Home. No matter where I go or how faraway i end up, Salt Lake will always be my home.

I've actually had some sweet ideas for blog topics, but do i remember any of them? Absolutely not. Which is not surprising at all since I have a horrible memory and don't listen well. . but i do have an avid and spectacular imagination. Sometimes i wish i could record the thoughts and/or scenarios that flash through my head to show to the rest of the world. You'd love it, i'm sure! haha. Today we drove for 6 HOURS back to Thatcher after spending the weekend in Williams: The Gateway to the Grand Canyon (1/2 hour from Flagstaff) at Breanne's parents house for a nice Easter weekend. Anyways i was despising all the little towns we passed as we drove. Sidenote: i HATE small towns. I am not a small town girl and do not ever want to become a small town girl. Weekend visit, Fine. live? No thank you. . . but as we were driving i thought of that Dutch oven- er, Pioneer woman that Jessica, Fern and Carrie like who was a city girl and fell madly in love with a sexy cowboy and had to adapt and learn how to live it up on a rand (or at least that's how i remember the story) . . . So i was rethinking my decision about small towns, naturally, and i came to the conclusion that that sexy cowboy of mine better be looking like Channing Tatum and build me a fancy schmancy ranch house if he wants me to move to the middle of nowhere and learn how to cook more than no back cookies and top roman. I'm jus saying.

Anywho, I'm supposed to be studying for a little test i have in accounting ii tomorrow morning at 8. Frustrating since i have yet to start. So far this semester i've been doing the whole "not study and see how i do" . . i pulled out a C then a B (but the B did acquire SOME studying). And really all i can think about is that basket full of easter candy i just put high on my dresser so i'd stop munching at it. haha! Tomorrow i'm going to start my training for this mini triathalon being held in Safford. I'll let you know how that goes. It's supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow too! I'm slowly working on my tan, since this may be the last month and 10 days i'm in Arizona for a long time. I can't WAIT for graduation! May 14, 2010. Come and visit the Open House of the beautiful Gila Valley Temple! I'm so excited for that and so happy for this valley to be receiving a temple. They're so cute about it. It's awesome! . . but hw calls so i shall leave thee hence.