Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's a phOtOshOot!!!

SO our campus at EA is actually really pretty and i wanna remember it. (plus 4 scrapbooking measures) This is our clock tower. the stupid thing is fast, which always makes me think i'm late, then i remember its fast, so i'm still usually late. haha tuesday i was 15 minutes late to international business, but that's cuz the caf was serving these DELICIOUS waffles with strawberries and whipped cream! YUM!

lol, obviously.
The new nursing building is on the right, they just took down the fence and are working on the inside. the student services is on the right. and the beautiful blue sky!
Palm trees make me happy. :) this is at south campus where the pool and gym and my business classes are.
Doesn't this make you wanna go to school in arizona??? i've adapted so much to heat, it's weird!!! I've been waiting for it to get in the 80's forever. today at 5pm it was 89, which meant it was over 90 all day. . and i thought it was only 70's. i love the heat. there i said it. wow. This is our outdoor pool i've been hitting up everyday around noonish to swim laps. today i swam over a 1/2 mile.
In my swim suit. i'm a cutie!
So today we had a photoshoot for all the recruiting and pamphlets the school sends out to recruit students to come here. lol breanne and i went all out. i got these sweet purple tights for us at wet seal a few weeks ago. 50 cents each! lol it was fun! We also did an "academic" pose later, we had to change out of our "mardi gras" clothes, as the camera guy said. This is us and Big Rig.
As beyonce says, Pose for the camera now, Flick, Flick!
Are my yellow shoes not SICK?!?!? haha. i JUST wore them for the first time yesterday. they're freaking awesome! lol


B/T Frank said...

hahahahaha Love IT!

fern said...

they are going to miss you in arizona!!!

Charles Arthemio said...

Hello! I was looking at some blogs, and those I found most interesting or flashy, just like yours, I stopped to watch a little. What caught my attention were the your eyes, are so beautiful. but sorry for anything, ok. if you like the art, feel free to comment on my blog. Thank you.