Friday, May 7, 2010

School is 4 Fools!!!!

I'm officially graduating! :) unless by some crazy means i bomb my calculus final and my teacher fails me. . but i have my cap and gown! haha i'm on a 2 year graduation program. I just finished my final class today and i have 4 finals starting monday at 11 until wednesday at 9 am! Then i'm chilling till i can leave friday night after commencement!
I love all the fun things school's do with the year winding down. This day was the President's picnic, where the pres of our school fed everyone a bbq and even cooked the meat! Then the dorms had a bbq last night cuz they have lots of funds left over!
These are my head residents little girls. haha fat breanne made them pull her! I used their wagon to take my pink scrapbooking tote to class cuz it's SO HEAVY!!!!
Me and my adoptive nieces! ;) haha their so cute! We sometimes jump on their trampoline with them and i know the other students are totally jealous, cuz not just anyone can go into the hr backyard and use her tramp!
Corey, Corey, Corey. Sometimes i wonder why we're friends. Haha he'll tell you i'm his community service project.
THe LUAU!!!!!!!!!
The Polynesian Club put on their annual luau again and Moose came up with this eccentric idea to REALLY dress up! Haha So we did! Amaris, B and me! We decorated our own hats!
Moose is really good at free handing stuff! .. naturally i needed a hawaiin flower tatoo for the events. No worries mom it was washed off sunday morning for church.
The crew! Sasha (the one kissing the girl) said they make fun of people who dress up like this in hawaii and here she is doing it right along side us! Hahaha. The girl being kissed, her tatoo was drawn on my Moose. It was insane!!!
The boys doing the Haka. Gotta love 'baby-oiled up' poly boys, shouting war chants. Made me miss West Valley fo sho!!!
The Poly girls (all athletes here)
We also got pineapple cups to carry around, which had 'lemonade' in them! Haha it was a fun night, altho it was really windy and got VERY cold!

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you are one hot lady!! nice shells!