Tuesday, August 25, 2009

St@rtInG SkOOl!!!

This is my first day of school outfit!! Mind you, i did wear gym shorts and a tshirt to english and basketball first!
This is breanne and my bunkbed. I'm on top. Its a very colorful happy room! i LOVE our rug from ikea i bought! There are only 2 other rooms being used in our hall, so its kinda quiet!!
My closet is a little cramped area, but it will do for now!
my desk area. . . not a lot of room for studying, which is okay, cuz i'm not really ready for it yet.
SUMMER ACTIVITES!!!!!! i went to the slc temple a lot. ;)
I FINALLY hiked Ensign peak! with Shalleen, Meranda, Kelsie & BOO and MARS!
The beautiful sunset view!
I went boating/camping with my family ONCE this summer, to the ward campout! Hunter and me. i taught the kids how to eat nasty food and not taste it, by plugging their nose. ;)
my llittle freakofabrother. Dallin.
i went to the YSA Summit at the U with Natalie and Sam and us three went to the Sunday Fireside at the Tabernacle. It was very good, i was ready to go running after! lol
The Sweet family Campout. Aunt Belva and G-ma Sweet. hee hee!
I went to Zion's for the campout! I'd never been! it was very neat and i hiked Angel's Landing and lived!!!
After Zions i was in hiking mode! So dallin, shalleen and i hiked timpanogus cave a few days later. Dallin slammed a door in the cave and the air made a whooshin noise that sounded like a rock slide. . i was SURe we were going to die. No joke
At zions Scot very nicely taught me how to ride a motorcycle. He said i did better than Dallin! This is Dallins Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250 i learned on. ;) . . Good luck in school this year!! i miss you all and love you!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer trip and moving...

So I just moved up to school and this is my new room all set up....
Ben sent me that sweet new zealand flag and so it is proudly hanging up in my room and I love it!

Hey, so these pictures are from my family trip to Washington D.C. this summer. It was so hot and humid and lots of walking didn't help... but it was a blast and very interesting! I recommend that everyone go there at least once in your life.

This is Arlington Cemetary. This was my favorite part! There's so many headstones... and we also got to see the changing of the guard here at the tomb of the unknown soldier! Way cool!

In one of the smithsonians they had cockroaches that you could hold...don't ask me why! Ew! But my little cousin was begging me to hold it so I did! Totally gross!

So anyway... I love you guys! And I miss you all so much already!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey guys! I've been meaning to blog this summer too but haven't gotten around to it either! so sorry! But my pictures are also on my laptop so an update will be coming after school starts. So liz, I love you very much! I'm so glad that you're excited for school. I am excited too because now that ben has left my life is totally different! :) :( Its been hard to decide if I'm happy or sad a lot of the time but for the most part.... its all good! I just have to let you guys know that you are all irreplaceable in my life! Without you guys I would not be myself and i highly doubt that I could make it through life in one piece! Lol. Thank you for holding me together! :) We are the awesomest, strongest group of friends....
Anyway.... for a quick update on me! I got my first job! Well its kinda like my first/second but I don't really consider the stuff I've done before as actually being an employee of a company so I'm excited about working. Its at Michaels in bountiful. I wasn't going to take it because its kinda far from my apartment and so therefore I wasn't quite sure if it would be worth my time. But as I was thinking it through I just really decided that I need a job regardless of where its at and so when this one came through I felt like I needed to accept it. So my first day at work is this friday.... so wish me luck!
I'll have to post pictures of my work and of me in my sweet work outfit! And school also starts for the 24th and I can't wait! I'm so excited to have a new fresh start of all new people and all new classes and an all new job! :)
I love you guys so much!
And I send my hugs to all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanna be with YOU! ~Hannah Montana

This morning i woke up before my alarm at 6:15 am, i went back to sleep and pushed snooze on my alarm until 6:45, when my sister texted me and told me she was here with Emery and Hunter for me to babysit. SO i dragged myself up the stairs with a blanket and was planning to curl up on the couch and keep dreaming while the tired em and hunter would wanna watch cartoons in their pj's. SIKE!! Those two RAN into the house, stoked to be here! They were completely dressed for the day with gel spiking hunter's hair. LUCKILY my mom was still here, so after i did turn on mickey mouse club for them and curled up on the couch, i fell back asleep for 45 minutes, while Grandma entertained them with stories and compliments and a bowl of reese's puff cereal! :) . . then i put on Stardust and hunter was looking a little freaked out by the witches. .but all is well!!!
I haven't put up ANY pics ALL summer long, cuz all my pictures are on my laptop and i don't have wireless, so when i get back to school i will fill you all in with a collage of photos!
I have LOVED being HOME!!!! Most people tell me they hate moving back home, to the rules and the blah blah blah. Yeah it was a little hard at first, but i LOVE being home! I really never thought i was a homebody. BUt i LIKE seeing my family, and telling them what i've done, and showering without flip flops on, and opening and closing my fridge. I like having a job and meeting new friends there; and especially getting PAYCHECKS!!! And i love my homeward and of course seeing ALL MY FRIENDS!!!
IT'S just SO great! . . but home life has to end!!
i go back to school thursday morning, really early, Aug 20th. The folks are taking me again, which is so great of them! I'm gonna be rooming in the tiny dorms again with my friend Breanne. We've been looking into bicycles to buy lately. . I'm excited for our new season, and since it's a 2 year school, we have a whole new team, so lots of new's!! . . and i wanna get a part time job too!
i just bought a new camera, and i LOVE it! It's green. :) Emery gave me the Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack! I listened to it while i ran today and there's now a GREAT song in my head, featuring David Archuleta, who's voice gives me Goose Bumps! I have 2 more days at Papa Murpy's, which is sad, but so very happy too! Of which i better go get ready for! Toodles!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Latest Fun

Syd died my hair!

Definition of little boys right here.  His face says it all!

The Cousins.

These ones of Cam are kinda old but i love them! Hes so cute.

This was at this sweet ghost town me liz, my dad and my aunt stopped at in Zions. 

Bryce Canyon.

The view from Angels Landing!

The Iron Rod.

This ones for my mamma. Look, I'm holding on!! Lol.

Me and my Pops at our spot, the top of Angels :)

AT&T. More Bars In More Places.

Aaron and Dano at Bryce. Crazy Kids!!