Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey guys! I've been meaning to blog this summer too but haven't gotten around to it either! so sorry! But my pictures are also on my laptop so an update will be coming after school starts. So liz, I love you very much! I'm so glad that you're excited for school. I am excited too because now that ben has left my life is totally different! :) :( Its been hard to decide if I'm happy or sad a lot of the time but for the most part.... its all good! I just have to let you guys know that you are all irreplaceable in my life! Without you guys I would not be myself and i highly doubt that I could make it through life in one piece! Lol. Thank you for holding me together! :) We are the awesomest, strongest group of friends....
Anyway.... for a quick update on me! I got my first job! Well its kinda like my first/second but I don't really consider the stuff I've done before as actually being an employee of a company so I'm excited about working. Its at Michaels in bountiful. I wasn't going to take it because its kinda far from my apartment and so therefore I wasn't quite sure if it would be worth my time. But as I was thinking it through I just really decided that I need a job regardless of where its at and so when this one came through I felt like I needed to accept it. So my first day at work is this friday.... so wish me luck!
I'll have to post pictures of my work and of me in my sweet work outfit! And school also starts for the 24th and I can't wait! I'm so excited to have a new fresh start of all new people and all new classes and an all new job! :)
I love you guys so much!
And I send my hugs to all!

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Lizzie Fizzie said...

WAHOO shalleen!!! My little friend growing up and getting a job! That's super great! Congrats! i wanna see pics of work and ur apartment and roomies!!