Sunday, August 2, 2009

Latest Fun

Syd died my hair!

Definition of little boys right here.  His face says it all!

The Cousins.

These ones of Cam are kinda old but i love them! Hes so cute.

This was at this sweet ghost town me liz, my dad and my aunt stopped at in Zions. 

Bryce Canyon.

The view from Angels Landing!

The Iron Rod.

This ones for my mamma. Look, I'm holding on!! Lol.

Me and my Pops at our spot, the top of Angels :)

AT&T. More Bars In More Places.

Aaron and Dano at Bryce. Crazy Kids!!


Jess said...

i like the one of the iron rod.. cool pics dude!

mum said...

I love the update!! I have to admit --the last one really freaks me out-

Lizzie Fizzie said...

those pics look awesome!!! i love em! i need 2 update, but all my pics r on my computer! i love the last one and the colors!