Thursday, January 29, 2009

school started. . for reals this time

Please tell me you can tell what this is. This is my first real drawing of the year, my favorite kind! Shadow contour with charcoal of whatever we want. Hopefully you can see what it is. . .

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girls, help!! Wedding day hairstyle!

Less then a month away!! Girls! I need help choosing a hair style! Hopefully this posting thing worked for the pictures. Keep in mind: I won't be wearing a veil. I will however wear a glittery small tiara. It is a headband type, not princess where it rises. So I need everyone's opinion! Help!! I'm getting a stylist so no worries if it looks to hard. And if you guys have any other suggestions, share them! I'm going for princess/cinderella/fairytale kinda look. Not too primpy or fake looking. Thanks for your help!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So i know ya'll may get sick of me always putting up pics, but i like looking at the blog. . and no one has put anything on for awhile! lol, so this is as good as it gets! This is Breanne, psycho girl that stole my bed, haha, we have lots of fun together. Today at lunch Breanne had a drink from burger king and a cup of ice water, so she was spitting ice at me through the straw. . so i grabbed her water and threw it away and told her to stop. Lol, well she got herself one cup of water and one cup of ice and started at it again, so i threw them both away again! lol, then i left (quickly) to get ready for practice! There's an outdoor area fenced in, that's connected to the cafe and as i walked out, breanne jumped out and spit ice between the fence at me, and then got half a cup of water on me! I was laughing so hard, she's such a freak! So then i went to my dorms and was using the lou, when all of the sudden a cup of ice is poured over my stall! haha, i was very dramatic and upset at her. . lol, but it was funny, it always is!
This is steph and i, we got dressed up for the boys basketball game one day, before spring semester had started, so no one really saw us, but it felt good to dress up, especially when i had boots like mine! Me, at my desk, in my traveling suit. . i'll be wearing the same thing tomorrow for our game at Glendale. . . were leaving at 11 and i have to miss 2 classes, which is kinda annoying! love you all

Friday, January 16, 2009

I love my Utes/Jazz!!

Go JAZZ!! (they won by the way, of course!)

This is my new possey just hangin out, shootin some hoops.

Me and my good friend Alicia at the jazz game woot woot!

You cant tell me thats not beautiful.

Check out guy in background lol!

GO UTES!!!!! The kid with the jersey in the front is King Louie. Literally, King. And the rest is my Utah team (plus some weirdos like the mayor and senators etc.)!!

Crazy Lady doin a jig with our mascot


BSC Busters!! Heck yes!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

I bought you a sweater. . .

So wednesday morning we started up our six am practices again. It was the same day the new semester started. I don't recall my alarm going off, but my roommate said she heard it go off, and me hit snooze. So I finally role out of bed at 5:40 am, put in contacts, a sports bra, and gym shorts and a cut off t-shirt.. . i'm not sure if i did brush my teeth or not. . hmm. I then grabbed my basketball shoes and followed Chels and Stephanie to the car. I know i live in Arizona, and there isn't snow on the ground, but i kept underestimating the distinct chill in the air! So i'm sitting in the back of Stephanie's bug, which she just scraped the frost off the window with her fingers, very cold and annoyed that the car had not been warming up for us, and that i had not grabbed a jacket. As i left my room, i thought, grab a jacket. But then i realized that it will warm up later today, and if i wear a jacket, i'll just have to wash it, and sweaters take up a lot of room in the washer! . . but as i sat in the car cold, i wish i had a jacket. So we reach the gym and i book it from the car to the gym entrance, and the doors are locked! geez! So i pound on the door, annoyed with the doors being locked! My coach opens the doors and looks at me standing there. He says in a matter-of-fact tone, "Liz, you need to wear a jacket. That's why i bought you one. Your not Utah, but it's still cold." . . i'm like, okay. . but then i start thinking, he never bought me a jacket! what's this guy talking about? And i know i shoulda worn a jacket! i'm freezing! As i enter the gym all of my other teammates have sweaters on.

um, apparently, he's bought me two. :) my bad. Tomorrow morning, i'll be wearing this one.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dad Loving

This is my dad Jeff. He loves me very much. He always calls or texts me after my game to see how we did. He's probably my number one fan. It's good to have one of those. He supports me in everthing i do and is really proud of me. Here he just wanted to be with me, so he took me cosmic bowling. thanks dad, i love you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Sugar House!

So I moved again! Heres a preview of my new Sugar House.
These are the only things i have hanging on my wall:

Possey Power!!

Dave. And no, he's no longer 7 years old, I'm not that disturbed guys, come on now.

My B-E-A-Utiful shirt Sam and Carrie got me :) Thanks guys! i need to frame it though. . 

I gave my bed to Laura cuz im usin her twin. I set up and made her bed then organized her closet for her cuz its her birthday and manual labor is all i can afford haha!

This is mine and Taryn's room, her bed is the orange one.

And this is what you see when you walk in! Id show you the basement but . . . well i dont really have an excuse other than just pure laziness. sorry guys! Ill have to get i picture of my new roommates for ya. meh. maybe later haha! love yall! (did i just say yall? what the?)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Before Surgery.

After Surgery.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Kels, this pic is for you! Well being home was SO great! I missed it the moment i stepped in the red dragon to head to the airport. .
The only thing i was excited about getting away from was the snow! . .lol, i forgot how difficult it is to live in it! you guys are amazing!
And now i'm back to dry air and sunny days. Welcome to arizona.
We drove back from our tournament in Tucson yesterday after we lost again. . we almost beat salt lake, but almost doesnt get yo there. . . So now that i'm back in the empty dorms, what is there to do? Well i just ate a bowl of cheerios out in the commons and i decided to put up some of my pics from being home, they probably won't be seen for awhile, cuz your all still busy enjoying life, but whatdoyado?
This is Tera's new family, the Franks
Margoth was able to get baptized! it was her christmas gift from her parents! i was So happy i was home for it! it was amazing! Tera, emery and me at Emery's preschool program. . gosh were cute, i knew it ran in the blood!
Always repping my city!
christmas was SO great! i'm so blessed! mom, scot and me in our christmas pj's mom sews every christmas eve in a frantic manner!
Of course Christmas break was filled with family christmas parties! this is Amberlea, john, colton, me and Christina!
Not taking bathing suits and jumping into the pool in all our clothes (or being pushed) at our ugly sweater christmas party was a BRILLIANT idea! . . gosh, were good!
Looking fly at our "premiere" of Twilight! . . hahaha. . i looked forward to this so much! And it was really great in it's own qwirky way! i love you guys. i miss you tons. Have a good holiday!