Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Kels, this pic is for you! Well being home was SO great! I missed it the moment i stepped in the red dragon to head to the airport. .
The only thing i was excited about getting away from was the snow! . .lol, i forgot how difficult it is to live in it! you guys are amazing!
And now i'm back to dry air and sunny days. Welcome to arizona.
We drove back from our tournament in Tucson yesterday after we lost again. . we almost beat salt lake, but almost doesnt get yo there. . . So now that i'm back in the empty dorms, what is there to do? Well i just ate a bowl of cheerios out in the commons and i decided to put up some of my pics from being home, they probably won't be seen for awhile, cuz your all still busy enjoying life, but whatdoyado?
This is Tera's new family, the Franks
Margoth was able to get baptized! it was her christmas gift from her parents! i was So happy i was home for it! it was amazing! Tera, emery and me at Emery's preschool program. . gosh were cute, i knew it ran in the blood!
Always repping my city!
christmas was SO great! i'm so blessed! mom, scot and me in our christmas pj's mom sews every christmas eve in a frantic manner!
Of course Christmas break was filled with family christmas parties! this is Amberlea, john, colton, me and Christina!
Not taking bathing suits and jumping into the pool in all our clothes (or being pushed) at our ugly sweater christmas party was a BRILLIANT idea! . . gosh, were good!
Looking fly at our "premiere" of Twilight! . . hahaha. . i looked forward to this so much! And it was really great in it's own qwirky way! i love you guys. i miss you tons. Have a good holiday!


Mel said...

Haha! where is that wvc gangsters sign?? arizona?

Lizzie Fizzie said...

:) no, i think scot and dallin did it when we were at my cousins house 4 christmas dinner. .

taldrknhndsm said...

i seen everyone but your dad. you must be embarassed for anyone to see him.

kelsie said...

Dude... thanks for the powerlines... they are beautiful! Man, we had some good times! And going swimming fully dressed was basically brilliant!

fern said...

I love the pict of cindy in her lovely gown... mel almost got one just like it!! I am going to be wishing i was in the hot desert after it snows again tonight!! love ya!

B/T Frank said...

Wow I'm so glad that you and Emery got your looks from me! Although I must give credit to DAD.... cause we kind of look like him! No brown nosing there at all!

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