Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Palace

Yes this is my palace in St. George i plan on making it more homey by putting pictures up but we're not allowed to put holes in the wall so I'm still uh workin on that one!And the picture underneath is of me and my goofy roomies, well minus Savvy she was with her brother while we were taking these pictures! Look at us in the beautiful sun of St. George!!:)

A blossoming artist!....

I drew this! Without tracing or anything! Who knew, right? I am so proud of myself! And I aboslutely love my art class! Hope all is well. Love ya mean it.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey Gals...

Well school started for me on Wednesday and as you all know i am driving to Orem everyday for school.. Well my schedule said my class started at 8 in the morning and i was thinking i could handle that... Then i got a call from the secretary at the culinary building informing me that class started at 6!!! And yes i said 6 in the freakin morning, which means in order for me to get to school on time i have to wake up at 4 every single day...AHHHHH Haha other then that school is AMAZING! It is so weird to think that my class is actually school... because it is fun and interesting and we cook really yummy things and eat them... I mean how much better can it get!? I haven't gotten mu uniforms yet because they forgot to send my order in.. lame i know.. So for now i am just wearing a temporary uniform until mine come in. The uniforms are SO SO ugly.. besides the chef coats which are really sweet, adn i look like a boy everyday! :) I got all of my tools yesterday and they are Awesome!! ( in the picture...) My teacher's name is Chef Alberto Diaz and you can catch him teaching cooking shows on channel 13 on thursdays .. i think.. He is so fun and he is really nice! HE hates lectures so we spend most of our time in the kitchens making Artisan bread which is our first subject. I will post some pictures of my food and uniforms as soon as i take some pics!! SO overall college is really really good!! I love ya all and i will keep you updated !!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shelby has a job!!!

Alright I wanted a job as a legal secretary or receptionist so I could do something where I could be at least in the legal field. So I applied as a receptionist at this law firm in down town salt lake city. A couple days latter I was asked to come in for an interview. This happened today. I was wicked nervous! Me....nervous! Imagine. lol So I dress super professional and after driving around downtown for a bit I finally find the place. (pretty big) I do the interview and the guy asks if I have experience in this and that. Fortunatelly I can answer yes! to each one and then give details. And then I say that I want to get me feet wet bascially in the legal field since that is what I want to do after school. And he goes into all this depth how he can give me extra projects or take me to court with him yadda yadda yadda. Well then he wanted to introduce me to another partner (who sadly wasn't there yet lol). But then we shake hands and he says he will contact me "later today" with his answer. (Even though he said he had interviews scheduled for tomorrow). So later today around four o'clock he calls and asks if I can come in for and "orientation" like thing four a few hours. So...guess what? I'm a Receptionist at a law firm in downtown Salt lake!!! I'm so excited. I'm on my way lol Just wanted to share it with you lovely girlies! Hope school is going splendid for you all! Mucho loves!

No title. .just a picture

This is my roommate Stephanie! She's really awesome! :) She was blonde, but she decided to die her hair black on this night. . . This was the night of "the dance" . . don't we just look gorgeous!?! i love u gurls!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey! I got my pictures finally from my shoot, i couldnt edit them cuz i needed a mac but now that i have one here are a couple, i had to choose out of like almost 400! :)

Adventures of Ogden

Man, am I a good mountain biker, or what!? Within the first 10 minutes of our 2nhour bike ride I totally dumped my bike, and my self! Leaving myself bruised and cut up! The cut on my knee is by far the prettiest! And besides mountain biking I also ran the 3 Kingdoms of Glory Run! I've already told Liz about this exciting run, but it is a run that takes you through "Hell" and then the three Kingdoms of Glory (Celestial, Terrestial, and Telestial)... weird huh! It is a 5+ mile run, up and down some extremely large hills around the Weber State campus! But was extremely fun! My roomates and I are also playing soccer on Tuesdays and will soon be starting Tae Bo (spell? :)) Thursdays!
So. this would be my new home! Not much, but home is home, and man do I love having somewhere to sleep at night! Liz, do you like my bedspread? I sure like yours! Almost as much as mine! :) I am still looking for a job, I have interviewed at Weber State Credit Union and then at Macey's Marketplace... both are really close, within 2 minutes of my apt. and both are closed on Sunday! School is pretty sweet! But I have classes from one end of campus to the other! It is a good thing they have an express bus that comes every five minutes, or I would most definately be late to class everyday! :) My classes are okay, but I think I have definately had better! I am really excited for my psychology class though and of course am stoked for Institute! I love you all, but must continue my homework at this point in time! Possey Power!

Motivational Speaker

Hey gurls! . . i just wanted 2 let you know that i'm sitting in the commons area . .classes are done for the day. . i look really, really cute and i know this because i looked in the mirror and i had a bunch of black guys nod at me and a few look me up and down. (shrug) what do ya do? :)
um but i'm juss chillin, waiting for someone 2 come, but i think they're in practice till like dinner time, which bites.
but again, what do ya do? lol
goodness i'm funny! things are getting better, more comfortable everyday! . . oh, but a weird thing is, i'm used to being surrounded by people that are confident and happy (aka, u guys) and i keep meeting girls/people that are insecure and not confident. Like this one girl said the other night, "Do you think those other girls are prettier than us?" . . and i was like totally flabbergasted! Because A- NO!!! and B- . . NO! :) . . So it's weird i'm gonna have to convert their thinking skills to the holy and righteous side. .lol, but seriously that would be kind of cool if i could do something like that like a motivational speaker.
oh and i love the song "Crush" by David Archuleta and that Jonas Brothers song that i kept singing at our sleepover hahah! okay i'm gonna go love ya bye!

It's a nnew car!!

Hey guys! Ya know how everyone thinks that their parents are the best?? Well, i KNOW that mine are the best. Yesterday was the best day EVER!!!! Im so lucky because my dad and mom saved their money to pay for my education and everything i need. So anyways, yesterday my mom took me to get the new macbook pro!! it came with a free iTouch and an HP printer!!! Suuuuper stoked! (im using it right now actually :D) Then after that we met my dad at gus paulos chevy where my AMAZING dad bought me a brand new car!!! its a 2008 chevy aveo :) I am sooooo gratefull its out of control! Here are some pictures, i pick up the car in a few minutes then ill take it up to my last class for the day :D Class was alright, each one only lasted like 15 minutes so that was a bonus, i had to run around the whole time trying to get into these two art classes (im on the waiting list still for both of them haha) so hopefully thursday it all works out. Hope all is well with you guys!!!! Miss ya!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And this is my new room. I have three roomates, heather from mesa Az, Kailey who has a twin sister up here with her, and Courtney who is from Canada, eh! Lol. She talks funny and yet she laughs at me.... lol. I have loved being up here! My sweet ben helped me move in and when it was time to say goodbye and for him to drive back home we both just sat and bawled in my room! We were both so emotional but it was really cute! He's a little sweetheart.... and after he left I had to get composure over myself and so I went out with Heather and we went to the student center where they had a party. We were going to go bowling and then decided to play twister with a bunch of people! it was way fun! and then we met up with these girls who are such a hoot to be with and they took us to a church with a bunch of guys where we played volleyball. I didn't even get back to my apartment until 1 in the morning. And then after church today I met this girl Tiffany who is going into the Radiology program with me. She was way nice and we just walked around campus together for a while. Everything has been great and I'm so glad for that. The lord definitely blesses me! but we'll see how long it lasts after school starts tomorrow...... I'm way nervous! ;( But i gotta run! Talk to you later.

Love ya mean it!


All moved in....

hey guys, I freaking love you all! I am all moved in up at Weber and so far so good! I love it and the atmosphere. look at my great "moving in gift" that someone so kindly left for me.... haha. i love you and will e-mail more. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This one's for my Mom

I just wanna take you on a ride of a day in the life of Liz Sweet at EAC!

This morning I woke up at 5:30 AM, brushed my teeth and threw on some basketball ball clothes and walked up to the gym (10 min walk) by 6 AM for our morning practice. At 7:15 changed into different sweats, washed my face and went to breakfast. I ate eggs, lucky charms, and two hashbrown things! yum! Then I went to my 8 o'clock psychology 101 class, then my 9 o'clock world art class (the 2 classes are in the same room, so i don't even have to change seats!)
At 9:50 i went back to my dorm for gym shoes and my scriptures and headed to my Writings of Isaiah class at Institute till 10:50.
I then walked back up to the gym to lift weights, at 11:40 Breanne gave me and Sasha a ride to the cafeteria where we had lunch! (burrito & salad) . . we chilled and i then went back 2 my room to change and grabbed my basketball shoes to go to practice. . at the gym . . again! :)
I stopped by the trainers room to have them check out my ankle i rolled boating, cuz it's still a little swollen, but all it good! We practiced till 3 PM (it was a pretty good practice!) Then my friend Brea wanted to work out in the "wellness center" so i went with her and we did thighs and arm stuff till 3:40ish. . then i went back to my room and grabbed my laptop and emailed and stuff in the common area of my dorm till 5:30. . . smelling, i decided to jump in the shower before dinner and got ready for the night! My roommate and i went to dinner at like 6:20, and it closes at 6:30, so they were like putting all the food away, so we decided not to go late again! At 7 we were back in the dorm & i changed into cute clothes and walked up to the practice field (which is BEHIND the gym) for the institute opening social, we ate more and just chilled. There was a big water fight, but we didn't wanna get wet. . so at like 9:15 pm we went to their apartment and hung out till it was time to go to this house up the street and go salsa dancing. . but it was more like a dance party with a billion people, crowded into a tiny house, sweating and smelling! lol, it was pretty fun, when i was outside mingling instead of dancing. . .but at 11:40 pm the cops came, cuz the neighbors complained so we just left and went back to their apartment and i watched them make cookies and then came home to my dorm and i'm pretty tired and i have a stupid zit on my top lip, but i thought i must blog this before i hit the hay, so i did and there's a bunch of black kids playing cards in front of me and some people on the coaches eating and cooking noodles in the microwave and i'm gonna go now! love ya peace out!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Side notes i saved in my text drafts for u guys

Today we had to go to this drugs and alcohol awareness thing . . all EAC athletes were supposed to attend. We were given some really great advice, as follows. "Before you date anyone, find out if they're addicted to meth first." . . and that ladies and gentleman is the answer to all life's questions. hahaha!

Gas here is $3.74 a gallon. . . the football boys in front of me stink! . . oh, when my parents dropped me off, we went to lunch at Golden Coral and my dad told me that if i would eat macaroni & cheese, hotdogs, & tomatoes my tastebuds would not be so simple. Ew! (what do u think Kate?)

haha, oh yeah and like the second night here, i kept singing this song, Shakalaka Baby and then i made my roommate try my Shakalaka Lip Blaka and she had a dream about shakalaka!!! ha ha! Sweet!

Drive-ins . . . not Drive-thru.

Drive ins!! Oh how we (Shelby came too!! Whoo-Hoo!!!) love the drive ins. We saw The Rocker (very very hilarious by the way) and we left for my place during the second movie cuz it was x-files. lame. Anyways, it was a good time!! One of our last good times we will have before everyone has to peace out. Oh! and all night rye-rye kept huggin Jenny! Lol! He hugged her like 12 times and when they left my house he hugged her for like a full 56 seconds, you shoulda seen her squirm! haha! The weird part is that they were riding in the same car so it wasnt even a goodbye hug. Poor guys got it bad for her you can tell by the look on his face in the second picture ;) Love ya Jen!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

check out my SWEET calendar!! lol, i have a pirates notebook, folder, pencil, and pocket notebook that i've been using in all my classes! lol, sweet!
This is the view from my bed to the door . . that's my junky desk in the middle

This is my desk, that's inbetween my dresser and armoir thingThis is me in front of my top bunk, i tried flipping it the right side up, but i dunno how!
This is my armoir

And this is juss a shot from my bed, everything on the right is my side of the room. . .

Eastern Arizona College

GUYS!!!! Hi! I finally accessed the internet on my laptop! yay! There's so much 2 tell & show u guys! How are you? I miss you and love you all more than I ever realized in my ENTIRE life!! . . We'll lemme start with pictures! I live in a dorm, with my roommate Stephanie who is from Tennessee, she say's oil like ool, and she is a returning basketball player. . She's really nice. All the girls on the team are, its nice, cuz it was like an immediate group of 11 friends, we'll see how close of friends tho, lol! There's even a crew of girls from Hawaii, so it's like playing @ Hunter!


We had our very last wacky waffle wednesday today and let me tell ya, it was a huge turnout!! Haha! False, it was just picklefo, jenjen and melanoma but we still had a good time. Man, im gunna miss our waffle wednesdays. We'll have to have one or two over christmas break for sure! ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How many times can i say the word, Freaking?

Hey guys! Mel I'm really sorry about Remmi, if i was there I would volunteer to sing at her service or something. . heck i'd put together a service for her. . .

Hey kels! How was Youth conference?

I'm in Mesa, AZ tonight, the drive was like 11 hours, luckily i slept most of the time, cuz i freakin hate driving in cars for long hours! . . I had good reason to sleep though cuz Wednesday morning Dal dal and i went to the temple so i was up at 6:15 am, then i had WWW, and did some major packing & cleaning (thanks shalleen and mel for the help!) then i had a young women's going away party, which was fun! They made us blankets. . i freaking love the young women and leaders in my ward. . . it was hard saying goodbye. . and i had to say goodbye to like 20 people that day. . :( . . It freaking sucked! . .then my madre and i hit walmart (i got a new camera! yay!) . and then i was home to continue cleaning, sorting and packing!

I went to bed at 3:42 am, lol. . i woke up at 4:09 am, from a phone call and then got up at 4:30 am by my mom telling me it was time to wake up! . . then we proceded to leave at 5:15 am for AZ! Why am i telling you all this? . . cuz that means i was up for almost 24 hours! HOLY FREAKING COW! . . . ha haa ha! well tomorrow is moving day. I'm still not feeling much, juss kinda numb, wondering why my whole bedroom is in the back of a rental car. . and with my sleep deprevation the last few days, my body keeps getting this weird tingling feeling. . hhmmm. . I love you guys so much! Have a lovely evening!

I am headin out into the world! Saturday is the day! I'm so excited for all of us and our new adventures! Do what's right, be good, I love you! Possey Power!


Today was a sad day. Besides my cousin and best friend leaving this morning i had another little buddy leave too. Two days ago Remme started acting really weird, last night he was having a hard time walking, this morning he could barely breath and this afternoon his breath rate was as slow as mine when he died. Poor lil guy. We did have some good times though! :(

This was the little man when i first got him back in January.

Before he turned into a fatty he could chill on my shoulder haha!

Im gunna miss my Remme.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving. . .

Well, tomorrow is the big day. "M" Day. . lol, at least it's not "D" day, I heard that was a bad one. Jk, I'm getting excited! The parentals are driving me down tomorrow morning, were stopping in Mesa to stay at my dad's cousins house and then I will move into the dorms at Eastern Arizona College friday afternoon! Yay me! . . not gonna lie, I'm kinda nervous, and sad, and a little scared. Oh Good Gosh, here I go sounding sappy! I can't wait to show you pictures in front of my school sign. . or the farm next door (the town is kinda . . rural, lol). K, well now i must go pack! You don't realize how much stuff you have, until you try to fit it all in a rented car!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Mel and Lizzie Poo had quite an adventure at the family campout, this shot was after liz totally fell off the canoe giving herself some swell bruises. But she got it down to an art eventually!! reminds me of the good ole days...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We are the youth of the nation!

Welcome to the possey!! Expect the unexpected and dont forget... we are the future! (so be nice)