Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eastern Arizona College

GUYS!!!! Hi! I finally accessed the internet on my laptop! yay! There's so much 2 tell & show u guys! How are you? I miss you and love you all more than I ever realized in my ENTIRE life!! . . We'll lemme start with pictures! I live in a dorm, with my roommate Stephanie who is from Tennessee, she say's oil like ool, and she is a returning basketball player. . She's really nice. All the girls on the team are, its nice, cuz it was like an immediate group of 11 friends, we'll see how close of friends tho, lol! There's even a crew of girls from Hawaii, so it's like playing @ Hunter!


Mel said...

Awe, look your holdin hands!!! Haha! You look like your really enjoying it too lol!

fern said...

you would think they would give you tall b-ball players a little bigger rooms!! looks 'cozy' -hugs!

Carrie said...

That lizard on the sign looks like he's shooting your head.
Cute shirt cindy!