Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a nnew car!!

Hey guys! Ya know how everyone thinks that their parents are the best?? Well, i KNOW that mine are the best. Yesterday was the best day EVER!!!! Im so lucky because my dad and mom saved their money to pay for my education and everything i need. So anyways, yesterday my mom took me to get the new macbook pro!! it came with a free iTouch and an HP printer!!! Suuuuper stoked! (im using it right now actually :D) Then after that we met my dad at gus paulos chevy where my AMAZING dad bought me a brand new car!!! its a 2008 chevy aveo :) I am sooooo gratefull its out of control! Here are some pictures, i pick up the car in a few minutes then ill take it up to my last class for the day :D Class was alright, each one only lasted like 15 minutes so that was a bonus, i had to run around the whole time trying to get into these two art classes (im on the waiting list still for both of them haha) so hopefully thursday it all works out. Hope all is well with you guys!!!! Miss ya!


Lizzie Fizzie said...

Dude! that's FREAKING SICK!!!!

kelsie said...

Your car is hot! Definately jealous!