Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adventures of Ogden

Man, am I a good mountain biker, or what!? Within the first 10 minutes of our 2nhour bike ride I totally dumped my bike, and my self! Leaving myself bruised and cut up! The cut on my knee is by far the prettiest! And besides mountain biking I also ran the 3 Kingdoms of Glory Run! I've already told Liz about this exciting run, but it is a run that takes you through "Hell" and then the three Kingdoms of Glory (Celestial, Terrestial, and Telestial)... weird huh! It is a 5+ mile run, up and down some extremely large hills around the Weber State campus! But was extremely fun! My roomates and I are also playing soccer on Tuesdays and will soon be starting Tae Bo (spell? :)) Thursdays!
So. this would be my new home! Not much, but home is home, and man do I love having somewhere to sleep at night! Liz, do you like my bedspread? I sure like yours! Almost as much as mine! :) I am still looking for a job, I have interviewed at Weber State Credit Union and then at Macey's Marketplace... both are really close, within 2 minutes of my apt. and both are closed on Sunday! School is pretty sweet! But I have classes from one end of campus to the other! It is a good thing they have an express bus that comes every five minutes, or I would most definately be late to class everyday! :) My classes are okay, but I think I have definately had better! I am really excited for my psychology class though and of course am stoked for Institute! I love you all, but must continue my homework at this point in time! Possey Power!


Mel said...

Haha! Oh kelsie. Your scars are your trademark for sure!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

Wahoo Kelsie!!!! aw, i miss running with you! this morning we got up for 6am practice and i just wanted to run, run everything out of my system, but we played basketball instead! . . do you know what this means? that i am fully converted to loving running! Someday i will run the kingdom of glory run with you! :) i love you kels! good luck with the job and keep updating me!