Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Motivational Speaker

Hey gurls! . . i just wanted 2 let you know that i'm sitting in the commons area . .classes are done for the day. . i look really, really cute and i know this because i looked in the mirror and i had a bunch of black guys nod at me and a few look me up and down. (shrug) what do ya do? :)
um but i'm juss chillin, waiting for someone 2 come, but i think they're in practice till like dinner time, which bites.
but again, what do ya do? lol
goodness i'm funny! things are getting better, more comfortable everyday! . . oh, but a weird thing is, i'm used to being surrounded by people that are confident and happy (aka, u guys) and i keep meeting girls/people that are insecure and not confident. Like this one girl said the other night, "Do you think those other girls are prettier than us?" . . and i was like totally flabbergasted! Because A- NO!!! and B- . . NO! :) . . So it's weird i'm gonna have to convert their thinking skills to the holy and righteous side. .lol, but seriously that would be kind of cool if i could do something like that like a motivational speaker.
oh and i love the song "Crush" by David Archuleta and that Jonas Brothers song that i kept singing at our sleepover hahah! okay i'm gonna go love ya bye!


Mel said...

There is a very fine line between snobby and confident haha! And your flirtin with it my friend!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

What the!? lol, whatever! it's all confidence! because if i was with those other girls i woulda told them they were pretty too! .. good gosh, i'm just a happy person! happy, happy, happy!

Mel said...

I think i know why your so happy . . . ;)