Thursday, August 14, 2008

How many times can i say the word, Freaking?

Hey guys! Mel I'm really sorry about Remmi, if i was there I would volunteer to sing at her service or something. . heck i'd put together a service for her. . .

Hey kels! How was Youth conference?

I'm in Mesa, AZ tonight, the drive was like 11 hours, luckily i slept most of the time, cuz i freakin hate driving in cars for long hours! . . I had good reason to sleep though cuz Wednesday morning Dal dal and i went to the temple so i was up at 6:15 am, then i had WWW, and did some major packing & cleaning (thanks shalleen and mel for the help!) then i had a young women's going away party, which was fun! They made us blankets. . i freaking love the young women and leaders in my ward. . . it was hard saying goodbye. . and i had to say goodbye to like 20 people that day. . :( . . It freaking sucked! . .then my madre and i hit walmart (i got a new camera! yay!) . and then i was home to continue cleaning, sorting and packing!

I went to bed at 3:42 am, lol. . i woke up at 4:09 am, from a phone call and then got up at 4:30 am by my mom telling me it was time to wake up! . . then we proceded to leave at 5:15 am for AZ! Why am i telling you all this? . . cuz that means i was up for almost 24 hours! HOLY FREAKING COW! . . . ha haa ha! well tomorrow is moving day. I'm still not feeling much, juss kinda numb, wondering why my whole bedroom is in the back of a rental car. . and with my sleep deprevation the last few days, my body keeps getting this weird tingling feeling. . hhmmm. . I love you guys so much! Have a lovely evening!


Mel said...

Take pictures of your new place and your new camera!! We wanna see!

Rose said...

Have a freaking good time in AZ!!!Love Ya!