Sunday, August 24, 2008

And this is my new room. I have three roomates, heather from mesa Az, Kailey who has a twin sister up here with her, and Courtney who is from Canada, eh! Lol. She talks funny and yet she laughs at me.... lol. I have loved being up here! My sweet ben helped me move in and when it was time to say goodbye and for him to drive back home we both just sat and bawled in my room! We were both so emotional but it was really cute! He's a little sweetheart.... and after he left I had to get composure over myself and so I went out with Heather and we went to the student center where they had a party. We were going to go bowling and then decided to play twister with a bunch of people! it was way fun! and then we met up with these girls who are such a hoot to be with and they took us to a church with a bunch of guys where we played volleyball. I didn't even get back to my apartment until 1 in the morning. And then after church today I met this girl Tiffany who is going into the Radiology program with me. She was way nice and we just walked around campus together for a while. Everything has been great and I'm so glad for that. The lord definitely blesses me! but we'll see how long it lasts after school starts tomorrow...... I'm way nervous! ;( But i gotta run! Talk to you later.

Love ya mean it!



Lizzie Fizzie said...

Hi shalleen! i knew everything would be okay! I'm so happy that everything is coming along nicely! (and im kinda jealous) .. i'm sorry about ben tho! but i'm really grateful he could be there to help, since i couldn't. . .i love you so much! keep me posted!

Mel said...

Dude thats soo awesome!! If your first days are that good just imagine what the rest will be like!!