Monday, September 29, 2008


This is my first project for my 3D class! Stupid wire. I still have scars from using it! It was fun though! 

My second project was my fav cuz we invented a shape then had to design it on Adobe then it got cut by a vinal cutter then we folded it up made 2 more just like it and hooked them together and drew on them. I dont have pics cuz its getting graded but i think im gunna make it into a building one day! It could be like. . . a bank or something haha!

This is my 3rd project. This one is just the rough draft so for the real one i think ill do white instead of black and use somethin a little more sturdy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pills!! Yay!

I just thought you guys would enjoy seeing my daily pill popping extravaganza! I swear im not a druggy, these are all legal as far as you know. Haha! I seriously feel like an 80 year old trapped in an 18 year old body. wth. Occasionally there is another yellow but only sometimes and depending on the pain level there might be one more lil round guy in the mix. There is actually one more purple one i take but i take that one at night, these are my morning pills :) It ranges from 8-11 a day these days. Im so blessed.

Monday, September 22, 2008


So I told you guys that i kept bugging my coach and my teammates for us to go swimming and FINALLY last thursday we got to go swim! I was so flipping excited i wore the above outfit to my macroeconomics class, cuz we were swimming at 2 and i had class till 2:15, lol, i even asked my teacher if we could get out early. . she said probably not. The school has an outdoor pool behind the basketball court, it looked really small, but it's a good size, like Hunter's and there was a little diving board and a high dive! oh my goodness it was so lovely! i LoVe water! i want to go wakeboarding so badly! ah!
I got a package from my mom and from nicole and nicole drew all over it and it made me pretty happy, so i took a picture of it to share with you! yay!
Okay and the pictures are kinda out of order, but today we got to go swimming AGAIN!!! YAY! and we didn't have to do laps like last time, we just got to chill! And i tried diving off the high dive and my body started to rotate and i like body slammed on my neck and back! oh my goodness they were on FIRE! haha, but i made everybody laugh. . . Anyways i took this picture because this is my new bathing suit i got at Sears on Saturday. $8.00!!! yup, i said it! $8.00!!!! wahooo! and it's really cute, huh! And it has like a little dress thing going on, so i don't neccessarily need shorts. . goodness i'm adorable! :)
So, i said the pics were out of order, because this past saturday, we woke up at 7 AM . . on a SATURDAY! And my alarm went off, but i didn't get up and Steph woke me up by whispering,"Liz, wake up . . we get to go Shopping today!" haha, she said it just like you would to a little kid that you were waking up for Christmas morning! haha, i just smiled and kept my eyes closed! . . but then we drove for 2 1/2 hours and went to a mall at 10 am and three others throughout the day and a Ross and then a Wendy's, cuz we don't have them in thatcher and i got a vanilla frosty, cuz i was craving one and it was lovely! . . but i got a bunch of cute clothes and some shoes and perfume @ pac sun for $5, it smells really good, everyone should go and buy it and we can all smell the same, it's in a blue box. But it was so fun! We were gonna sleep over at my dad's cousins house in Mesa, cuz we shopped in Mesa & Phoenix all day, but we decided to drive home, lol, and we got home at like 1 am! it was a long, but super fun day! And Stephanie drove and did a really good job, cuz you know how easily i fall asleep, but she just told me she was really tired! So i'm really glad were alive!

These are some of the shopping bags! I LOVE SHOPPING! You guys don't even understand, it was the first time i have left, since i've been here. . that's a whole month, being on campus or going to walmart 2 miles away! Yikes! Well i love you guys so much! And i miss you guys! . .
oh and we drove past the Mesa Temple and it's just like the Hawaii Temple, it was really pretty. And it was so nice driving past suburbs and neighborhoods and a freeway with cars on it! . . k, love love!

Friday, September 19, 2008

IT'S SYD!!!! :)

Hey Guys!! I miss you all SOOO much!! Your all off in the fun world of college and I'm stuck here for another 5 years!! haha! So Kate, I really like your pies! :) Meranda, nice car! Man everyone's gettin new cars these days! Jen, Dory, I wish I was in St. George with you. I really need to work on a tan! haha! But, of course I wanna be there to see you guys too! :) Liz!! How is Arizona? Sounds...tiny. haha! Annessa! haha I haven't seen you forever! I hope all is well! Mars!! I miss you also! Syd the kid is pretty bored here all alone! Shalleen and Kels, How is Ogden? Go Weber State! haha! Tita, Shelby, you guys sound like your havin a party! :) at home. Sam!! How's high school pal? We sort of got left behind didn't we? haha!! Well I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss you guys! REALLY! haha I hope that all is good and your all happy and ... stuff! :D well I cant wait to see you all again one day!    Love, Syd. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi Friends!! ..... Today in class we got to make whatever pie we wanted to... I didnt really feel like being very adventurous so .. I made pumpkin pie. These are some of the other pies made in class!! Mine is the one on the far left at the bottom... And the other picture is (from left to right) Katherine, Jennie, who is my partner in class, and ME!! We are trying our yummy pies! They are really fun and i am getting along so good with my entire class!! Im Lovin IT!! Love you guys!! Oh and the picture of the car is the one that I am buying tomorrow.... its a 2006 toyota Corolla... yay me! I get to go into debt even more!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So This is my first PIE!! Its Blueberry and I think Its Fantastic!! The Other one is a swan we made out of a cream puff! Delicious and Beautiful!!

My Drawling!

This is my "self- portrait". I think i need drawing lessons from Shalleen and Kels.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between me and Shalleen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New Car

Well I told you guys I put some pictures of my new ride. . .so here they are:

Also here is a picture of my team and I at our game last Wednesday!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

institute dance

So this is my outfit that i wore to the institute dance, that was high school stereotypes . . . lol, it was sweet. . but i didn't win as best dressed athlete, some kid who dressed like michael phelps did, pshht!

Just droppin' by to say hi!

I love you guys so so so much! And I have yet more art to show you. lol. so you know that bird that I drew? Well I did more to it so it looks a lot better. See? Lol. And there's a picture here of me because I felt really really cute and liz and mel are getting all the attention.... So I need some. jk. And there's also a picture of my roommate heather and me. we went to the bountiful temple together and it was way fun! She's such a sweet girl! I love it... and how come nobody ever told me that there was an ogden temple?... did you guys know that? ....... I send my love! love, Shalleen

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marley Rachel Maez!! (Im an Aunt again!!)

So i just had to show all of you gurls my adorable little neice!! She was born on August 28th , and she weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces!! My Sister and her Husband Were finally able to adopt her on wednesday of this week, because the birth mother changed her mind again and signed all of the papers!! SHE IS SO SO SO CUTE!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weber State! Weber State! Great! Great! Great!

Homecoming at Weber State! We Totally kicked Dixie States butts! 44 to 7! (Sorry Nat and Jen!) Booya! Possey Power!

Bangs or not to bangs?

should i keep the bangs or grow them out?? I need your guys' professional opinions.  Oh and by the way Kels, your apron totally tops my fur coat and Liz's 'get reel with God' shirt. Hands down. Has anyone heard from Jenny? Where the crap has she been?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heck, I want some pictures of me too! :)

Well, since Liz and Mel feel the need to show off how hot they are... I thought I could make them look just a little better by putting my picture on! JK! I know I'm beautiful! :) But this is me sporting my hot new work outfit! Tucked in white polo, tan pants (which you obviously can't see!), and an awesome blue apron that says, "Macey's"... I'm mean, how could I not look cute wearing this? :) Just so you all know... The job is going great... I work with really nice people and they are all pretty fun! And best of all... I don't have to smell like pizza anymore! Which, I might add, makes me even hotter!? :) Just Kidding! Well... Heho, heho... it is off to work I go! :)

Just another day. . .

Ok so Liz had some pretty crazy outfits but honestly, this one tops all of them. I found this little number with a bunch of Cari's mom's old vintage clothes. I really like it, i may even where it out on a date when it gets cold enough! As long as my date is blind and all of my other options were burned in a horrible accident and we are going to a very secluded area and there are no chances anyone would ever see. On the other hand maybe if Liz wasnt in the desert i could send it to her and let her prance around in this fabulous green fur, if she wore this no one would even question her thinking. They would just shrug and go 'its Elizabeth Sweet, what do you expect?' If i sent this to Sam the Ham on the other hand (wow that was like a dr suess moment without even trying!) people would question her sanity, much like people questioned mine on the first day of being a senior. (remember that guys? lol)
 But what do ya do? I guess alls we can do is do what we want and only care about what we think of ourselves. Wow, now that ive enlightened myself maybe i will wear this coat out on a date! (side note: i got a hair cut! what do you think about the short bangs?)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pics of me, me, and uh, me!

Outfit #4
Outfit #3, my hair looked good today, i usually do a straight back pony, so this was new.
This is Chelsea, she's from hawaii, she's our dorm neighbor and teammate. She's super funny 2 mess with, we tease each other a lot. She's working on not swearing around me and were pool buddies, and singing in the shower buddies. . i made her take outfit #3 pics, lol, she called me conceited.
Saturday Steph and i decorated our door. Each door has this cork board on it, i used my printer and her paper and we made this adorable door!

This is my top 5 for guys. We covered the question mark with Chad Michael Murray! yummy! There is also Matt Damon, Kostas, Will turner (some people know him as orlando) and Penelope guy!

4 Outfits!

So you know how i had $7.00 of wash this last saturday? . . and i do my wash every week. . so that's gonna add up! And i have so much wash because of basketball, i usually change 3 or 4 times a day! . so i thought i would blog it! This morning i changed 4 times. Why? Well we had 6 AM practice, where we did shooting drills, so that's outfit #1 (shorts and t-shirt) . . then i came back home and changed for classes. haha, i put on my Get Realed with God shirt, blue gym and blue gym shorts, i asked my roommate if i looked okay and she's like, "yeah, you look cute." . . lol, but then i grabbed my pink I LOVE WILL socks and my black poly-grandma shoes and said, we'll i'm going to breakfast. She looked at my feet and said, "Oh, i thought you woulda put on flip flops. . " I looked down and shrugged, "nah." . . haha, as i walked out of my dorms to the activites center, which is where the cafeteria is i could hear mel's voice in my head, "Liz (confused chuckle) what are you wearing?" . . so since i could hear this conversation in my head, i shrugged and smiled to myself as i saw my reflection in the window. This was outfit #2.

There retarded because no one was around to take it for me and my new camera doesn't have a timer. whatdoyado? . . . k, so after going to 3 classes, 2 of which i dozed off in (and i was trying so hard to stay awake! i don't even put my head down, i like do that rocking forward and then wake up thing. The guys behind me in computers probably thought i had terrets or something, because i kept shaking awake!) and then lunch (which was last night's leftover corn dogs) . . it was time to go back to practice at 1 pm. So i put on my shorts from 6 am and a clean (dry) shirt and went to practice!
i usually walk to the gym from the dorms, i like 2 listen to my ipod, get in my groove. . after walking back the sun was burning and i was already sweaty, so i laid out on the cement wall working on my tan, but after 15 minutes the clouds that i usually pray for, came out, ugh! So i went in to shower and get ready for our team dinner (at the cafeteria) and the volleyball game. Because in Thatcher we get dressed up for sporting events. . cuz that's all there is. So this is outfit #4! My wet seal jeans and my new purple top. Our school colors are yellow and purple.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi Girlies!!

Sorry I didnt write an email last week, ..or this week, haha um things have been just plain crazy! School is going amazingly wonderful and i absolutely LOVE it! I have had so much fun in class and i wake up excited to go to school....which you guys know is totally not like me! last week we finished Artisan Breads and this week we moved on to cookies! Like today all we did was made fudge brownies, chocolate cookies, sweet rolls, and these cookies called icebox cookies that we started yesterday, but they have the designs in them! HAh they were so confusing to make because you have to have a log of cookie dough and somehow get the design in the middle so you haev to work from the inside out and hope it turns out! And ours (we are in teams of 2 so that is me and my partner named Jennie) turned out AWESOME! They were the best by far and the most elaborate! I have just been working and doing homework, i have hung out a few times with kaleb, rob, kyle, and ryan...and im not gonna lie im a little out of place with all boys..haha but oh well. I have also been hanging with bens family a lot, his sisters and i went to the fair and had a blast. SO i have made some new friends at school..Of course they dont even compare with you guys!... But they are arell really cool and down to earth. Most of them are married so its a little wierd but not really. We are going to go to lagoon as a class (only 15 in the class) so we can bond...haha ! So life is going Great! I love ya all! And i still need everyones address so i can send the journal thing!! LOVE YA!!

My new Talent!

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd keep you posted on my development of my artistic talents. So here you go! A cute little bird that I drew just for you! lOl. - love ya mean it-


The Roomies

These are my roomies! We finally got a picture of all five of us! (Front: me, Jamie, Laurel, back: Maha, Summer) Just wanted to let everyone see who I was living with! They are all really awesome and it has been a blast living with all of them!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mi Casa

My bed happens to accent my cows perfectly!

Cari gave me this SWEET tv, now i just gotta program the bloody thing.

Heres my swell seat and table, the picture on the table is now hanging on the wall:)
This is my wonderful shoe tree and my closet, theres no drawers any where so all my bras and panties are sitting out in the open on the shelves. haha!
This is the bathroom! duh. the toilet is behind that door and the best part is that the shower has like a built in seat so i can just sit in there forever! Ill have to make a video of the rest of the house sometimes for you guys cuz the upstairs is way better than my room, its sooo pretty!!!