Monday, September 15, 2008

Just droppin' by to say hi!

I love you guys so so so much! And I have yet more art to show you. lol. so you know that bird that I drew? Well I did more to it so it looks a lot better. See? Lol. And there's a picture here of me because I felt really really cute and liz and mel are getting all the attention.... So I need some. jk. And there's also a picture of my roommate heather and me. we went to the bountiful temple together and it was way fun! She's such a sweet girl! I love it... and how come nobody ever told me that there was an ogden temple?... did you guys know that? ....... I send my love! love, Shalleen


Mel said...

Dang girl! You do look good in the picture! Stunning. Ooo i like the drawing on the bottom with the spirals, thats sick yo!!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

haha, i love em! duh shalleen, we went to the ogden temple when we did all those temples with the bradbury's! . you look so old and mature and beautiful! aww! i post so many pictures, cuz no one else is! . . and i like pictures of myself!

kelsie said...

You are definately looking hot! I'm jealous... I totally wear a t-shirt and shorts to school everyday! nothing has changed!:)
Hey... we should go do baptisms at the ogden temple sometime!