Monday, September 29, 2008


This is my first project for my 3D class! Stupid wire. I still have scars from using it! It was fun though! 

My second project was my fav cuz we invented a shape then had to design it on Adobe then it got cut by a vinal cutter then we folded it up made 2 more just like it and hooked them together and drew on them. I dont have pics cuz its getting graded but i think im gunna make it into a building one day! It could be like. . . a bank or something haha!

This is my 3rd project. This one is just the rough draft so for the real one i think ill do white instead of black and use somethin a little more sturdy!


Lizzie Fizzie said...

cool!!! dang, you be doing more than me, fo sho!!! that's really cool stuff!

kelsie said...

that stuff is really awesome! I didn't even know you were in 3d design! :)