Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heck, I want some pictures of me too! :)

Well, since Liz and Mel feel the need to show off how hot they are... I thought I could make them look just a little better by putting my picture on! JK! I know I'm beautiful! :) But this is me sporting my hot new work outfit! Tucked in white polo, tan pants (which you obviously can't see!), and an awesome blue apron that says, "Macey's"... I'm mean, how could I not look cute wearing this? :) Just so you all know... The job is going great... I work with really nice people and they are all pretty fun! And best of all... I don't have to smell like pizza anymore! Which, I might add, makes me even hotter!? :) Just Kidding! Well... Heho, heho... it is off to work I go! :)


Mel said...

dude where can I get me one of those aprons??? That's hot.

Lizzie Fizzie said...

haha! i love how i can hear you guys in ur blogs and comments! kels what r these beenie-weenie you've been eating? and isn't it,HI-ho, not heho.. silly girl! you do look very cute in ur uniform, altho u always seemed to pull off the pizza look & smell too! lemme know if you do crazy fun things at work!

Jess said...

hey, i have one of those aprons! actually, i think mine is red from before they switched to blue.. that funny - i went from macey's to pizza..