Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just another day. . .

Ok so Liz had some pretty crazy outfits but honestly, this one tops all of them. I found this little number with a bunch of Cari's mom's old vintage clothes. I really like it, i may even where it out on a date when it gets cold enough! As long as my date is blind and all of my other options were burned in a horrible accident and we are going to a very secluded area and there are no chances anyone would ever see. On the other hand maybe if Liz wasnt in the desert i could send it to her and let her prance around in this fabulous green fur, if she wore this no one would even question her thinking. They would just shrug and go 'its Elizabeth Sweet, what do you expect?' If i sent this to Sam the Ham on the other hand (wow that was like a dr suess moment without even trying!) people would question her sanity, much like people questioned mine on the first day of being a senior. (remember that guys? lol)
 But what do ya do? I guess alls we can do is do what we want and only care about what we think of ourselves. Wow, now that ive enlightened myself maybe i will wear this coat out on a date! (side note: i got a hair cut! what do you think about the short bangs?)

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Lizzie Fizzie said...

mel, i need a better face shot of the hair, but i'm liking it! . . lol, that was an elighting comment, i was like, dang! . .and i was laughing out loud in the middle of the commons when i read this! haha, my favorite is when u say you'll wear it on a date, cuz i start believing you, and then u mention him being blind and having nothing else! haha! hahah! i dare you to wear it out. what else does cari got?