Friday, September 19, 2008

IT'S SYD!!!! :)

Hey Guys!! I miss you all SOOO much!! Your all off in the fun world of college and I'm stuck here for another 5 years!! haha! So Kate, I really like your pies! :) Meranda, nice car! Man everyone's gettin new cars these days! Jen, Dory, I wish I was in St. George with you. I really need to work on a tan! haha! But, of course I wanna be there to see you guys too! :) Liz!! How is Arizona? Sounds...tiny. haha! Annessa! haha I haven't seen you forever! I hope all is well! Mars!! I miss you also! Syd the kid is pretty bored here all alone! Shalleen and Kels, How is Ogden? Go Weber State! haha! Tita, Shelby, you guys sound like your havin a party! :) at home. Sam!! How's high school pal? We sort of got left behind didn't we? haha!! Well I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss you guys! REALLY! haha I hope that all is good and your all happy and ... stuff! :D well I cant wait to see you all again one day!    Love, Syd. 


Mark and Jess said...

squid! good to see your face.. love you

Lizzie Fizzie said...

haha, ah, love you and miss you too syd!!!