Monday, September 22, 2008


So I told you guys that i kept bugging my coach and my teammates for us to go swimming and FINALLY last thursday we got to go swim! I was so flipping excited i wore the above outfit to my macroeconomics class, cuz we were swimming at 2 and i had class till 2:15, lol, i even asked my teacher if we could get out early. . she said probably not. The school has an outdoor pool behind the basketball court, it looked really small, but it's a good size, like Hunter's and there was a little diving board and a high dive! oh my goodness it was so lovely! i LoVe water! i want to go wakeboarding so badly! ah!
I got a package from my mom and from nicole and nicole drew all over it and it made me pretty happy, so i took a picture of it to share with you! yay!
Okay and the pictures are kinda out of order, but today we got to go swimming AGAIN!!! YAY! and we didn't have to do laps like last time, we just got to chill! And i tried diving off the high dive and my body started to rotate and i like body slammed on my neck and back! oh my goodness they were on FIRE! haha, but i made everybody laugh. . . Anyways i took this picture because this is my new bathing suit i got at Sears on Saturday. $8.00!!! yup, i said it! $8.00!!!! wahooo! and it's really cute, huh! And it has like a little dress thing going on, so i don't neccessarily need shorts. . goodness i'm adorable! :)
So, i said the pics were out of order, because this past saturday, we woke up at 7 AM . . on a SATURDAY! And my alarm went off, but i didn't get up and Steph woke me up by whispering,"Liz, wake up . . we get to go Shopping today!" haha, she said it just like you would to a little kid that you were waking up for Christmas morning! haha, i just smiled and kept my eyes closed! . . but then we drove for 2 1/2 hours and went to a mall at 10 am and three others throughout the day and a Ross and then a Wendy's, cuz we don't have them in thatcher and i got a vanilla frosty, cuz i was craving one and it was lovely! . . but i got a bunch of cute clothes and some shoes and perfume @ pac sun for $5, it smells really good, everyone should go and buy it and we can all smell the same, it's in a blue box. But it was so fun! We were gonna sleep over at my dad's cousins house in Mesa, cuz we shopped in Mesa & Phoenix all day, but we decided to drive home, lol, and we got home at like 1 am! it was a long, but super fun day! And Stephanie drove and did a really good job, cuz you know how easily i fall asleep, but she just told me she was really tired! So i'm really glad were alive!

These are some of the shopping bags! I LOVE SHOPPING! You guys don't even understand, it was the first time i have left, since i've been here. . that's a whole month, being on campus or going to walmart 2 miles away! Yikes! Well i love you guys so much! And i miss you guys! . .
oh and we drove past the Mesa Temple and it's just like the Hawaii Temple, it was really pretty. And it was so nice driving past suburbs and neighborhoods and a freeway with cars on it! . . k, love love!


kelsie said...

Christmas Break... we are totally going shopping together! Hopefully I'm rich by then!

Mel said...

I am officially jealous.

Sweet said...

Now tell them about your debit card and see if they laugh! HAHAHA

Shalleen said...

Hey lizzie poo, I'm glad it was so fun! I share your joy of shopping and agree that its on for christmas break! love ya mean it