Tuesday, April 28, 2009

portfolio time!

first self portrait of the semester



and a super weird version of our b-e-a-utiful water tower. 801 son. 801.

My Spring Break Mexican Cruise!!!

So these pics are definitely no in chronological order... but this is my cruise!! And these are just some random pics from it!! And yes.. I am like a month late! My bad!
So, one of the days at the beach.. we got in a huge sand fight... everyone against Kelsie.... I have never had so much sand on me in my entire life! Man did it feel good to shower after that one!!

This was at the flea market! There was this huge meat section... all the meat is just sitting out in the heat... oh my, it smelt sooo bad! And there were pig heads everywhere! Nasty!

So every night we ate sooo much.. I think I should have gained 30 lbs on the cruise! And every night we would get dessert... this was the most disgusting one by far... it is suppose to be pumpkin pie... but it wasn't!! I don't know what it was... but it really was one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten in my entire life!

This was the pumpkin pie before I tasted it! The plate looked so pretty.... if only it tasted as good as it looked!!

On our way to the cruise we stopped in Las Vegas. This is everyone that went on the cruise...
Dixon is on the left, then Maha, Trisha, Mark, Me, Matthew, and Ben! (Kristi was taking the picture...)

On the ship they had the coolest, most random things all over the place! And yes... that is a real watermelon!

This is me and two of my roomies in Mazatlan! We hiked to the second highest light house in the world! The view was sooo pretty!

On the first day that we got off the ship, Matthew forgot his swimsuit... and I had already decided that I didn't want to go swimming.... so I offered mine to him... only I was just kidding! but he took me up on the offer and wore my swim shorts!!

We went to a tequila factory... and at the end... they had us dress up in the dresses! We look so beautiful!!

This is us at the tequila factory... they have a tequila tasting at the end of the tour (on the tour they teach you how they make tequila and show you the plants and stuff... it was actually pretty sweet!).... and they never had a group go through the tour before and not taste any of the tequila! They thought we were so wierd... then asked, "Utah?"... it was funny!

This is my roommate roommate (we share our room), Kristi! We didn't really know each other very well before the cruise.... but now we are best buds... and we stay up way too late almost every night talking... but its fun!!

Yeah.... I am holding an iguana! And there is definitely a little one on my head... the guy just walked up behind me and stuck it there... it scared the crap out of me at first! But it was pretty cool!!

On the ship we met a group of kids that go to Utah State... we ended up doing almost everything with them! They were really fun!

They had a volleyball tournament.. 3 v 3.... my team took first place!! I think I was probably the deciding factor!! That's me, Ben, and Kenneth... Kenneth was one of the Utah State guys.

This is us sailing away from California! Just thought you all my enjoy a nice but shot! My butt is definitely the best looking!! :)

So the cruise was so amazing! We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted! There was food, entertainment, games... everything and anything! I vote that we do a cruise one day as the Possey!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me and Bre happy as can be. AND wet as can be!! The other night our power was out for a couple hours all over campus and town! SO we pulled out water balloons that aren't allowed in the dorms and ended up getting in a huge waterballoon fight with the boys side! lol it was so funny! . . . i was just wondering why every one had water balloons on hand!?

It's amazing the facials my beautiful face can make! This was monday, it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Probably 90 degrees! i wore my new outfit i bought in Tucson the saturday before!
This was the day i went back to beauty school to get a little more red and brown low lights put in. It turned out really pretty i really like it, but you can't really tell in the pic, but they decided to curyl my hair to, so i was all dolled up for a night in the room!
We went to the softball game a few weeks ago and i was gonna go shoot around, but the gym was locked and the second softball game rained out! But i scared the crap out of Chelsea with her mask!
So last night I was folding my wash and steph and i were in our room listening to music, when i started singing one of the songs. . . and then steph handed me her body spray to b my microphone and then one thing led to another and we were having a dance party in our room! So we changed clothes, she went more for the gangster look, but i like 2 take things kinda far! lol, this was us pretending to dance like the black guys in the club! Yep, i be getting it!
Easter Eggs!!! We colored them at the Bishops house at FHE the day after Easter! lol i had so much fun doing them! i got color everywhere and was super hyper! We brought them home 2 our dorm, but neither of us like boiled eggs so we threw em out cuz they were stinkin up the fridge! My easter package my family sent me . . my dad said he helped, but this has my mom written all over it!
Now how many of you have had ur face plastered on a Wheaties box when your team one 1 game the entire season? . . . that's what i thought!
Look Tera, i hung up ur easter sign!! We love holidays in Mark Allen!
Breanne and i went and played middle blocker for this counselor's volleyball team the other night, so i wore this! . . it's like church volleyball for women to the max!! lol, some lady said she lives for their volleyball season! We did okay, bre a bit better than me, but the normal lady came back so they said they didn't need our services any more! weird. Love ya! Can't wait to come home soon!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Initial Thought: "I'm gunna make LOTS of guacamole so i can enjoy it and eat it all week! And ill buy a big bag of chips, this will be soo great!!"

After Thought: "wait, all this guacamole looks like poop. literally. uneatable."

Monday, April 13, 2009


My wonderful lil car got pounded on thursday by some weird scrawny drug dealer. So rude. Then he rode off before i could get a plate number or any info. Here are the results

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Already? Alright!

Steph came back from Spring break and had chopped & colored her hair, again! lol
Oh this was my birthday package from the folks! My dad left me a message . . .

. . . And so did my mom!
So one friday i got all dressed up, i was even wearing my new silver stilehtos, i was looking good! The mirror told me so. . and all the football boys. then we went to this cafe place called Gabi's where they've been having dance parties every weekend.
Steph & Chels bought me puzzles for my birthday, i loved them. .i don't love puzzles. I put together the 63 piece one and was like, "yeah i'm a winner." The 300 piece hannah montana one, not so much. Lol, the other day steph spent like an hour and half working on it, while i slept. Then she had given up on the outside pieces and i sat down and finished it for her.
This was after one night we went to a dance, i had a different shirt on, but my poof was just working it!
Ha! i love being able 2 wear others clothes! These were stephs shorts and chels' top! We went dancing this night, it was lame. But you can go ahead and just look at that calf muscle.
Same night as above, i just like to look at my face suppose, lol, i didn't notice however the piece of chocolate stuck in my tooth! haha, hope no one else did too!