Tuesday, April 28, 2009

portfolio time!

first self portrait of the semester



and a super weird version of our b-e-a-utiful water tower. 801 son. 801.


mom said...

thanks for waking me up at 12:30-- I thought my alarm had gone off and it was time to get up!! haha -dad thought it was jess! still love the picture-- still want it!! I will up by bid to 2.00!

kelsie said...

I like the watertower... It reminds me of the DubVC!! You are quite the artist Mel... although I think the 2nd looks the most like you!!!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

wow fern i'm out. I only had 100 pennies, but i told her i'd give 2 million if i had it. I LOVE the water tower! lol Make me a copy please!!!

tiger said...