Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo!!!

This is me in my powder puff shirt. lol, our shirts were sick! haha, those hawaiins r so creative!! It was basketball/hawaiin vs softball/white volleyballers. The other team got in one lucky touch down and won in the second half. ;( it was fun, but some of those girls just got plain mean!! the blue sweat-band on my arm was given to me by some girl in my ward. It says "Utah, keep it in the Family," with an outline of the blessed state! haha, she found it in her car and thought it was mine, it wasn't, but i washed it and wear it proud!!! lol
Oh, most of r players at r winter sports banquet. We ate food the cafeteria fed us on nicer paper plates than we usually eat on. . the food still sucked. lol as well as our coach's pitiful speech! haha! Can't wait for next season!

my roomie for next year!!! We are SO pretty!
OOoh, we had a luau 2 weeks ago, put on by the polynesian club and the boys did a fire dance! lol it was cool!
and more hawaiin dancing! This kid josh pulled me from the audience and made me go up to learn how to dance, i'm getting it, but i need some practice! The food was awesome too!
My roomie this year! . . 3 more days and i'll have completed my first year of college!! Now i'm just chillin today, workin on packin up, maybe do some reading, oh i gotta go get my wash!! and then study for my next final that's tomorrow!


Mel said...

you guys really are SO pretty! thats a good picture, not gunna lie about it.

kelsie said...

dude... you are almost going to be home!!!!! Wahoo!!!! You are most definitely pretty!!!