Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Already? Alright!

Steph came back from Spring break and had chopped & colored her hair, again! lol
Oh this was my birthday package from the folks! My dad left me a message . . .

. . . And so did my mom!
So one friday i got all dressed up, i was even wearing my new silver stilehtos, i was looking good! The mirror told me so. . and all the football boys. then we went to this cafe place called Gabi's where they've been having dance parties every weekend.
Steph & Chels bought me puzzles for my birthday, i loved them. .i don't love puzzles. I put together the 63 piece one and was like, "yeah i'm a winner." The 300 piece hannah montana one, not so much. Lol, the other day steph spent like an hour and half working on it, while i slept. Then she had given up on the outside pieces and i sat down and finished it for her.
This was after one night we went to a dance, i had a different shirt on, but my poof was just working it!
Ha! i love being able 2 wear others clothes! These were stephs shorts and chels' top! We went dancing this night, it was lame. But you can go ahead and just look at that calf muscle.
Same night as above, i just like to look at my face suppose, lol, i didn't notice however the piece of chocolate stuck in my tooth! haha, hope no one else did too!


Mel said...

that poof looks sooooo good.

fern said...

what you like looking at yourself?? I have never noticed!!! looking forward to your 'homecoming' btw- when are your wedding pics going to be on display??

Lizzie Fizzie said...

Oh silly fern! in order to have a wedding u have 2 have a boy who is handsome and can take me to da temple!

kelsie said...

I love that you take pics of yourself!! Cracks me up dude!! but I love seeing your B-E-A-utiful face!!