Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Spring Break Mexican Cruise!!!

So these pics are definitely no in chronological order... but this is my cruise!! And these are just some random pics from it!! And yes.. I am like a month late! My bad!
So, one of the days at the beach.. we got in a huge sand fight... everyone against Kelsie.... I have never had so much sand on me in my entire life! Man did it feel good to shower after that one!!

This was at the flea market! There was this huge meat section... all the meat is just sitting out in the heat... oh my, it smelt sooo bad! And there were pig heads everywhere! Nasty!

So every night we ate sooo much.. I think I should have gained 30 lbs on the cruise! And every night we would get dessert... this was the most disgusting one by far... it is suppose to be pumpkin pie... but it wasn't!! I don't know what it was... but it really was one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten in my entire life!

This was the pumpkin pie before I tasted it! The plate looked so pretty.... if only it tasted as good as it looked!!

On our way to the cruise we stopped in Las Vegas. This is everyone that went on the cruise...
Dixon is on the left, then Maha, Trisha, Mark, Me, Matthew, and Ben! (Kristi was taking the picture...)

On the ship they had the coolest, most random things all over the place! And yes... that is a real watermelon!

This is me and two of my roomies in Mazatlan! We hiked to the second highest light house in the world! The view was sooo pretty!

On the first day that we got off the ship, Matthew forgot his swimsuit... and I had already decided that I didn't want to go swimming.... so I offered mine to him... only I was just kidding! but he took me up on the offer and wore my swim shorts!!

We went to a tequila factory... and at the end... they had us dress up in the dresses! We look so beautiful!!

This is us at the tequila factory... they have a tequila tasting at the end of the tour (on the tour they teach you how they make tequila and show you the plants and stuff... it was actually pretty sweet!).... and they never had a group go through the tour before and not taste any of the tequila! They thought we were so wierd... then asked, "Utah?"... it was funny!

This is my roommate roommate (we share our room), Kristi! We didn't really know each other very well before the cruise.... but now we are best buds... and we stay up way too late almost every night talking... but its fun!!

Yeah.... I am holding an iguana! And there is definitely a little one on my head... the guy just walked up behind me and stuck it there... it scared the crap out of me at first! But it was pretty cool!!

On the ship we met a group of kids that go to Utah State... we ended up doing almost everything with them! They were really fun!

They had a volleyball tournament.. 3 v 3.... my team took first place!! I think I was probably the deciding factor!! That's me, Ben, and Kenneth... Kenneth was one of the Utah State guys.

This is us sailing away from California! Just thought you all my enjoy a nice but shot! My butt is definitely the best looking!! :)

So the cruise was so amazing! We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted! There was food, entertainment, games... everything and anything! I vote that we do a cruise one day as the Possey!


fern -'themom' said...

i keep tellin ya all- the possey and 'the mom' should go cruzin... mel is not so keen on the idea! it totally makes me want to go, it looks like you had a great time!!

Mel said...

Kels that looks like a blast! i hope you realize that we already made a possey promise that we would go in 2025!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

i thought the cruise was when we were 25? Kels!!! HOly COw!! the iguana freaked me out! i love the watermelon!! That's funny about the tequila factory!! Ur trip looks freaking awesome!! Thanks 4 finally puttin up the pics!

shalleenie said...

yeah i thought we were planning on 25 too!... And I'm going, so I don't know what's up with you all but as soon as we're all 25, bring it on! :)

Mel said...

Kels were you the one who brought swine flu to utah and caused all this chaos? That picture has me convinced.