Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me and Bre happy as can be. AND wet as can be!! The other night our power was out for a couple hours all over campus and town! SO we pulled out water balloons that aren't allowed in the dorms and ended up getting in a huge waterballoon fight with the boys side! lol it was so funny! . . . i was just wondering why every one had water balloons on hand!?

It's amazing the facials my beautiful face can make! This was monday, it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Probably 90 degrees! i wore my new outfit i bought in Tucson the saturday before!
This was the day i went back to beauty school to get a little more red and brown low lights put in. It turned out really pretty i really like it, but you can't really tell in the pic, but they decided to curyl my hair to, so i was all dolled up for a night in the room!
We went to the softball game a few weeks ago and i was gonna go shoot around, but the gym was locked and the second softball game rained out! But i scared the crap out of Chelsea with her mask!
So last night I was folding my wash and steph and i were in our room listening to music, when i started singing one of the songs. . . and then steph handed me her body spray to b my microphone and then one thing led to another and we were having a dance party in our room! So we changed clothes, she went more for the gangster look, but i like 2 take things kinda far! lol, this was us pretending to dance like the black guys in the club! Yep, i be getting it!
Easter Eggs!!! We colored them at the Bishops house at FHE the day after Easter! lol i had so much fun doing them! i got color everywhere and was super hyper! We brought them home 2 our dorm, but neither of us like boiled eggs so we threw em out cuz they were stinkin up the fridge! My easter package my family sent me . . my dad said he helped, but this has my mom written all over it!
Now how many of you have had ur face plastered on a Wheaties box when your team one 1 game the entire season? . . . that's what i thought!
Look Tera, i hung up ur easter sign!! We love holidays in Mark Allen!
Breanne and i went and played middle blocker for this counselor's volleyball team the other night, so i wore this! . . it's like church volleyball for women to the max!! lol, some lady said she lives for their volleyball season! We did okay, bre a bit better than me, but the normal lady came back so they said they didn't need our services any more! weird. Love ya! Can't wait to come home soon!


fern said...

ha! -you keep me laughing lizzy!! great pictures- you are having way to much fun!! just a couple of more weeks!

B/T Frank said...

Wow I am glad that sign went to good use! It looks like to me you're going to be way bored when you get home!

kelsie said...

Dude.. you are definitely crazy!! And I love it! We were going to have a dance party the other day... but no one would do it with us!!! So that one fell through! I like your hair... HOT!! But I'm sure you already know that! :)