Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pics of me, me, and uh, me!

Outfit #4
Outfit #3, my hair looked good today, i usually do a straight back pony, so this was new.
This is Chelsea, she's from hawaii, she's our dorm neighbor and teammate. She's super funny 2 mess with, we tease each other a lot. She's working on not swearing around me and were pool buddies, and singing in the shower buddies. . i made her take outfit #3 pics, lol, she called me conceited.
Saturday Steph and i decorated our door. Each door has this cork board on it, i used my printer and her paper and we made this adorable door!

This is my top 5 for guys. We covered the question mark with Chad Michael Murray! yummy! There is also Matt Damon, Kostas, Will turner (some people know him as orlando) and Penelope guy!


fern said...

i am sending you a pict of me to put on your door!! love the hair!!


WHAT NO DAD???????