Tuesday, August 25, 2009

St@rtInG SkOOl!!!

This is my first day of school outfit!! Mind you, i did wear gym shorts and a tshirt to english and basketball first!
This is breanne and my bunkbed. I'm on top. Its a very colorful happy room! i LOVE our rug from ikea i bought! There are only 2 other rooms being used in our hall, so its kinda quiet!!
My closet is a little cramped area, but it will do for now!
my desk area. . . not a lot of room for studying, which is okay, cuz i'm not really ready for it yet.
SUMMER ACTIVITES!!!!!! i went to the slc temple a lot. ;)
I FINALLY hiked Ensign peak! with Shalleen, Meranda, Kelsie & BOO and MARS!
The beautiful sunset view!
I went boating/camping with my family ONCE this summer, to the ward campout! Hunter and me. i taught the kids how to eat nasty food and not taste it, by plugging their nose. ;)
my llittle freakofabrother. Dallin.
i went to the YSA Summit at the U with Natalie and Sam and us three went to the Sunday Fireside at the Tabernacle. It was very good, i was ready to go running after! lol
The Sweet family Campout. Aunt Belva and G-ma Sweet. hee hee!
I went to Zion's for the campout! I'd never been! it was very neat and i hiked Angel's Landing and lived!!!
After Zions i was in hiking mode! So dallin, shalleen and i hiked timpanogus cave a few days later. Dallin slammed a door in the cave and the air made a whooshin noise that sounded like a rock slide. . i was SURe we were going to die. No joke
At zions Scot very nicely taught me how to ride a motorcycle. He said i did better than Dallin! This is Dallins Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250 i learned on. ;) . . Good luck in school this year!! i miss you all and love you!!!!


B/T Frank said...

Nice, what happened to your slide show you were doing?

Mel said...

best pic of dal dal ever!

Mel said...
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taldrknhndsom said...

still don't see your father anywhere-evan on your closet door-gggeeeeeee???

Lizzie Fizzie said...

Dad you weren't in any family pictures for me to hang, but i'll work on it. . tera, lol i didn't try super hard. i know mel!