Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Bloga?

So i'm kinda sick of typing in my favorite blog site and continuing to see a picture of me on our blog. As much as you all KNOW that i do truly LOVE myself, we made this blog to see what's up in each others lives. So i guess i'll let you know what's up.
Right now i'm catching wireless internet in my room, i should possibly be looking up sources for my research paper on the positive effects sports has on adolescants. . but let's not get pushy, eh? So instead i've been playing on facebook, dreaming of hunky dunky guys and randomly turning to look at my roommate (Breanne) asleep on herbottom bunk who was talking to her boyfriend thru Skype (web cam) who is ALSO asleep. PA-THETIC. haha, ah geez. If i've learned anything about relationships so far it is that Long Distand Relationships are a PAIN!!!!!! Last week they were breaking up, this week they were playing the, "No you get off first." Oh the joys of love. :)
Basketball has been going great this season. I actually kinda dread going to practice because we're just running a lot and working hard! but i LOVE it!! My team is really great! We have 4 returning sophomores and a butt load of hard working, focused, talented freshman! My coach has a better work ethic this year, so we plan on winning more than ONE game this season!! Lol, but really we scrimmaged half court today and i'm just psyched 4 our guards!
The other day some guy asked where i was from, because i looked SO Familiar! I quickly replied that it must have been from America's Next Top Model. Silly boy. lol i Told Nicole G. this story and she sent me this sick ANTM hat. So now "I'm Rolling LIke a Big Shot!" (name that song)
Anyways i had a fun little Labor Day in Williams, AZ, its 30 minutes from Flagstaf and 6 HOURS from Thatcher. That's where Breanne lives and i love home cooked meals and Cereal. I'm thoroughly enjoying my scrapbooking class and my church calling. I like walks with a bowl of ice cream from the caf when the sun has gone down and the temperature is in the mid 80's. I learned that buying Walmart yogurt is no substitute for my Yoplait goodness and doing my homework instead of napping is pretty beneficial. :) Now i'm going to read Timepiece by Richard Paul Evans and brush my teeth and wash my face. Next time i gotta tell you about Annie, she lives in our hall! lol

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auntie fern said...

i love to see your updates- you always make me laugh! love ya!