Monday, September 14, 2009


Wild cats roaming around, it was not happy about me. this won best pic of the trip lol! She took over 800!

Me and ken in the mid and Jen and Chet (we met them at the resort and stayed with them, their from vegas. awesome people!!)

Margaritaville in Jamaica.

Jamaican Rasta! ancient and possibly dead rasta.

zipline city! no other girls would do it! lame.

THis is the Powell crew! 3 houseboats, 10 wakeboard boats, a helecopter, zipline, slip and slide, DJ and dance floor! Partay.

Me and Rick (owner of the X30) chillin in their background haha! Rick was so much fun!

we passed this guy and had to stop! Sad huh!!

There are sooo many others to show you but it would be quite impossible :)


Lizzie Fizzie said...

Powell looks SICK!!! haha & that Zipline!! omg! dang gurl! u be livin the life!!! lol altho in jamaica and the cat was the best pic?!?!?

Mel said...

look very closely at the cats face. haha! click on the pic and i think it makes it bigger.

mamoo said...

BRING YOUR PICTURES TO DINNER WED!! -not suprised that you were the only girl to zipline it!