Monday, September 14, 2009

Breanne's Birthday!

Awe, this is Moose, B and i at 7:30 am this morning, getting ready 4 our 8 am english class and then straight to practice!! We woke up breanne with the good ol' happy birthday song and gave her my GREaT gift!!
Yep!! This would be the GREAT gift. I would give you all a shirt like this, if only you were all my roommates!!! lol Now That WOULD BE GREAT!!! Let's all buy a house together and live in it! and the married couples can live in our circle with us! Cul-de-sac!
THis is what her boyfriend Brandon sent her. He goes to school in Washington. lol and he bought her a star, that was pretty cute.
We have LOTS of cake left over in the because her mom made this HUGE cake and had her bring it back! It's super yummy! Good thing we ran 10 suicides in 10 minutes today!!!
And THIS is the Gila Valley Temple!!!! LOok how fast it's going up!!! There obviously still working on the outside, but its so cool! I'm so happy 4 the people of this valley to get a temple so close!

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fern said...

i love the shirt!!!