Saturday, September 12, 2009

MOose and BirTHdaYs!

This is Moose. She moved in next door to me and Breanne. Moose doesn't like to be photographed (i hate when girls pull that) lol, she looks innocent enough, doesn't she. Fun girl, get's along with B and i, even tho we're white. . .
Exhibit A. After practice friday B and i were grabbing our stuff to go get in the shower. Moose came in and was casually talking to us. Apparently as she talked, she grabbed breanne's keys off her door. So she left, we got in the shower and B returned to our room to find this. My bed off the top bunk and on the floor. ODD.
Then breanne was confused, cuz she has walked down the hall looking at her toes, so she missed where someone had put her bed. Oh, it was in the HALL!!! And breanne's keys were just hanging on our door knob. lol, breanne's car had also been affected, moose opened all her visors and stuff and in the dirt of her windshield wrote, "You've been Moosed." lol and she seemed like such a nice, quiet girl.
Our room, after we put clothes on and put our beds back together. It's Hunting Season Moose.
Mmhh. A happy liz before we took off to Phoenix this weekend for Breanne's Birthday weekend!
Happy 19th Birthday Breanne! lol i can't wait to show you all what i got her!


taldrknhndsm said...

your room pretty much looks like it did when i dropped you off

Lizzie Fizzie said...

haha, idk like it has more dirty clothes. . and stuff