Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanna be with YOU! ~Hannah Montana

This morning i woke up before my alarm at 6:15 am, i went back to sleep and pushed snooze on my alarm until 6:45, when my sister texted me and told me she was here with Emery and Hunter for me to babysit. SO i dragged myself up the stairs with a blanket and was planning to curl up on the couch and keep dreaming while the tired em and hunter would wanna watch cartoons in their pj's. SIKE!! Those two RAN into the house, stoked to be here! They were completely dressed for the day with gel spiking hunter's hair. LUCKILY my mom was still here, so after i did turn on mickey mouse club for them and curled up on the couch, i fell back asleep for 45 minutes, while Grandma entertained them with stories and compliments and a bowl of reese's puff cereal! :) . . then i put on Stardust and hunter was looking a little freaked out by the witches. .but all is well!!!
I haven't put up ANY pics ALL summer long, cuz all my pictures are on my laptop and i don't have wireless, so when i get back to school i will fill you all in with a collage of photos!
I have LOVED being HOME!!!! Most people tell me they hate moving back home, to the rules and the blah blah blah. Yeah it was a little hard at first, but i LOVE being home! I really never thought i was a homebody. BUt i LIKE seeing my family, and telling them what i've done, and showering without flip flops on, and opening and closing my fridge. I like having a job and meeting new friends there; and especially getting PAYCHECKS!!! And i love my homeward and of course seeing ALL MY FRIENDS!!!
IT'S just SO great! . . but home life has to end!!
i go back to school thursday morning, really early, Aug 20th. The folks are taking me again, which is so great of them! I'm gonna be rooming in the tiny dorms again with my friend Breanne. We've been looking into bicycles to buy lately. . I'm excited for our new season, and since it's a 2 year school, we have a whole new team, so lots of new's!! . . and i wanna get a part time job too!
i just bought a new camera, and i LOVE it! It's green. :) Emery gave me the Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack! I listened to it while i ran today and there's now a GREAT song in my head, featuring David Archuleta, who's voice gives me Goose Bumps! I have 2 more days at Papa Murpy's, which is sad, but so very happy too! Of which i better go get ready for! Toodles!


fern said...

getting a little sentimental lizzy?? we love you too!!

Sam said...

That's so great that we got to see you those 2 times (on accident game and 2. Target). Oh yea, the family reunion too. Anyway, let us know if you need any extra cash or anything before you go.