Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ruby Red Heels

So saturday we went to Phoenix to play in the sophomore all star game! All the sophomore's in our conference go to play and are split up into teams to play each other! I played against my two teammates. It was a lot of fun! . . Afterwards coach took me and sasha to the mall! I love the mall! haha i haven't been shopping shopping in a mall for like. . EVER! . . so i bought 3 pairs of new shoes! i have this weird feddish with heels now! I got 2 pairs for $3 each!! Woot woot! and some comfortable dressy flats!
SO today at stake conference i was looking FLYYYY in my new shoes and sweatery purple thing! And new necklace and adorable bracelets!
THe GILA VALLEY TEMPLE open house is this coming friday, April 23rd! I get to be an usher for a few nights AND serve cookies! I'm actually stoked to be part of it!
This is Mt. Graham. It's this one little mountain. People here think they have "mountains," but apparently they've never been to salt lake! . . altho my coach was telling me that Mt. Graham is the single tallest mountain that is not IN a mountain range, but stands alone, in the whole world. Hmm. Crazy. 4 weeks of school left! = excited Liz and nervous, don'tknowwhattodoaboutthe future Liz.


mama fern said...

you know I lOVE the shoes!! and yes... .you are lookin 'fly'

Lizzie Fizzie said...

lol thanks fern! i miss you! i wanna come home already!!

Mel said...

jor her es so looong!!!