Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did you Just wake UP?

Last night i went to bed at 1 am, the two nights before i went to bed at 2 am, the only problem with this is that i have to get up every morning by at LEAST 7:50 am to make it to my 8 am morning classes. Well today i was definitely finding a hard time to roll onto my stomach and slide off my top bunk to the bottom mattress and slip onto the floor. . but I FINALLY managed. I kept on the shorts i slept in and threw on a sports bra and white t-shirt. After my first class i have an hour break, which i WAS going to go running during, cuz that's what us athletes do (plus i'm getting fat) . . but my eyes were SO tired, we agreed to nap before public speaking at 10!!! Well Breanne knocked on my door to go to class and immediately started her durogatory commentary on my outfit.

I understand that i don't ALWAYS believe in matching my clothes. I don't always want to look impressive or adorable. . because A. I looke that way in sweats w/o trying. and B. i don't care what people thinK!!!! . . but APpaRentLY my half yellow half pink Volcom striped board shorts, with my still white basketball shirt and my white and silver champion flip flops were just too much. . So we walk into the building where public speaking is and breanne points out her dismay at my outfit to some of our teammates, softball girls and hawaiins. lol . . they seemed confused, but not as haterade-ish as breanne. .
So after class i have to go meet with my counselor to see if SVU is accredited school. . lol i wait for like 15 minutes, (course i got there 10 minutes early) so this hawaiin lady named Gina walks out and calls my name. I stand up and look at her and she goes, "did you just wake up?" . . lol ah geez, EVERYBODY has got jokes today! lol . . i go "Nope, i been up since 8!". . . she's quick to recover you barely see her face flinch and she recovers with same lame comment about, "oh, that's so great you have that look of being well rested." . . Ha, yeah thanks lady!


B/T Frank said...

Now I'm curious what Hunter would have said to you because he was a little embarrassed when we just walked into lowes because I have shorts and a t-shirt on that have paint on them... his comment "mom you sure you don't need to change first!".. At least my hair is done... you on the other hand.. look like you JUST got out of bed!

fern said...

well... they are all 'spring' colors... ;p

Lizzie Fizzie said...

lol touche fern!