Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holy War!

I love my Utes, but this guy goes beyond love. This guy is the definition of devotion. 

We rushed the field a little too early because we were soo excited! haha! Taryn was trying to jump the fence and some cop pushed her down because the game wasn't even over yet! 

12 and 0. All the way to BCS!!!!

So so happy :)

Look at all that beautiful red! there was a little bit of blue in the corner you can't see but most of them left after the third quarter so they wouldnt get eaten alive, plus they had no chance at all. We doubled their score! Oh yes!!


Lizzie Fizzie said...

hahah! oh my gosh that's freaking awesome! lol, looks like a ball! cool! . . i think our whole school population is like 1/12 of the stadium! lol

fern said...

did you get red mans phone #?? haha-

kelsie said...

Utes suck!!! but not as bad as BYU.. obviously.... Hall must have decided to play QB for the Utes or something.. cuz he couldn't stop giving the U the dumb ball... Sad day for all the BYU fans out there in the world...so sad that the Y lost though... and I am saying this only safely up in ogden, away from all you ute fans! :)

Sam said...

I guess staying up all night for those tickets was worth it, lucky sucker. That was such a sweet game...I felt really, really bad for BYU. I hate to see good men fail miserably in front of huge crowd of people...and not be one of the people in the crowd pointing and laughing at them.