Wednesday, November 19, 2008

San Diego!!

Hey Guys!! So this past weekend me and some friends took a little road trip to beautiful San Diego! Actually it wasnt little, it was a 13 hour drive. haha! It was so much fun though! This is Jennyfer, Me and Taryn super stoked to be in 90 degree weather! :)

This was around one in the morning when we got back. Taryn was quite angry to be back in the cold and the 13 hour drive didnt help her mood much haha!

Check out that sweet surfer! Jennyfer had me take some pictures of her on the beach and wicked hott surfer dude comes out of the water and she runs up to him and is like "can i get picture?" Super excited like a kid on christmas! haha! She is like 24 and her english is a little sketchy so it was awesome, the surfer was only like 18 or 19!

This is josh and ben, they came down with Mark (Mark is the one that let us use his beach house) They were pretty weird to say in the least.

Good ole power ranger face off.


Jess said...

sweet action shots dude!

Sam said...

Yea, those shots are hilarious. Nice 'stache on Josh(?), is he a cop? Looks like you had fun. You better be screaming loud on Saturday. 4:00 and someone's going down baybeeeee! Y? Because I gotta!