Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in MESA!!!

Mel, meranda, and shalleen all came to mesa to spend thanksgiving with me! They closed the dorms for the weekend, so i went to my dad's cousin's house in Mesa. . Friday night we went to see the Mesa Temple lights turn on, but when we got there, they were already on. . but we still enjoyed the visitors center that had nativities from all over the world.
Shalleen and her beauty food shot at Chili's!
This is the bacon-burger, aka, baconator that Mel completely Dominated! hahahah, we had lots of limes with our dinner, cuz of mel, our waitress made her a lime riki, but she needed more limes!. . nice eyes mercodb
Beauty shot! lovin mel's shades, lol, she brought 4 pair, so everyone would have one!
Mesa Temple, the lights were nice, but not as impressive as SL, altho they did wrap the palm tree trunks with lights, all the way up and that looks really cool! i haven't had the opportunity to do baptisms here yet, but hopefully next time i come up i can plan for it!
lol, i told them to turn around and they were busting up about something. .
In front of the Temple
So we went swimming just about everyday at the ingrams neighborhood pool! it was so lovely, because i LOVE Swimming! meranda and shalleen even got sunburned on saturday! haha, one of my favorites, action shots as we jump into the pool! Lookin good!. . don't worry we know that dresses are too short, there were just no leggings around, we went shopping the evening of black friday and got some sweet deals!
If they had these in my size, i woulda got them! why mel didn't, i do not understand!
Meranda taught me how to put my back against the wall with our kneesup, underwater!
Yeah! meranda looks so funny!
So we made a hot tub in the house after we got kicked out of the hot tubs cuz of the lightning, and so we played in the rain, jumped in Aaron's freezing cold pool and then all had a bathtub chat! haha, we got water all over the floor!

And this is us playing in the rain, wednesday night when they got here to AZ! thanks for coming girls and making it so fun! And for the Ingrams for letting us crash at their house! And Belva and Bob for entertaining us! haha, and Wendy's for making chocolate and vanilla frosty's! love ya!


Sweet Girl said...

Wow you girls are too funny! I would have to agree with Elizabeth and wonder why Mel didn't get those fabulous silver pants... they are so Mel!

Rose said...

Looks like a lot of crazy fun! Sure missed you guys at Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lizzie POO... Can't wait to meet you (well I can but I thought I would be nice!). I can already tell your nothing like your sister-she's not as high strung as you! HAHAHA

fern said...

those pictures are hilarious!! we missed you both at thanksgiving- can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! hugs

kelsie said...

dudes... basically jealous! I definately am lacking in sunlight at this point in my life! Sad day!
Oh well, I'll get over it one day.. maybe after extensive counseling! JK Christmas is coming soon!